Pass Rate of NCLEX Online

  1. Hi Everyone,

    Is there a way of finding out a school's pass rate of the NCLEX online? Is there a place where we could check this out online or do we have to ask the schools themselves? Where's the best place to find this out?

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  3. by   CaterpillarGirl
    I just did a google search for my school and the NCLEX pass rates. If that doesn't work, try a search for your state and NCLEX pass rates.
  4. by   TaraSC
    I found the NCLEX pass rates for all of the programs in Texas on the Board of Nurse Examiners webpage. Perhaps it's the same in other sites.

    Example Site from Texas:

    Update: Just found the one for Oklahoma also:
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  5. by   BabyRN2Be
    Thanks everyone. I found out the pass rate of the school I'd like to attend, and I think it's above the national average. Not by much though.

  6. by   manna
    What is the national average?
  7. by   BabyRN2Be
    Hi Manna,

    According to this link, the national pass rate is 87.01%.

    This is a link of the various schools in Oklahoma and their pass rates. You might be able to find something similar for your state.

  8. by   manna
    Thanks BabyRN.

    I was already aware that my state BON lists school pass rates, but I just wasn't sure what the national average is.
  9. by   purplemania
    this site has a list of all the Boards of nursing for each state:
  10. by   jenrninmi
    Have you noticed on this site that the national average pass rates fell from a 80.9% from Jan-March of 2003 to a 67.1% in Oct-Dec of 2003? My nursing coordinator says it's expected to drop even more after the exam is changed once again in April.

    At my last SNA meeting they were talking about the pass rate in Michigan dropped dramatically. Has anyone elses states dropped? I'm really worrying.

    Here's a link to the site:
  11. by   Achoo!
    my state said 85% but I couldn't find my school specifically.
  12. by   jenrninmi
    Looks like the pass rate has increased quite a bit for all programs (diploma, adn and bsn).

    diploma in October - December of 1993 was 81.9 Most recently June 91.2%
    ADN in October - December of 1993 was 77.5% Most recently June 88.5%
    BSN in October - December of 1993 was 79.1% Most recently June 88.2%

    So even though we aren't 100% the pass rates are going up. These are first time takers also, not repeat takers.

    Just wanted to share some good news before going off to school...
  13. by   uk_nurse
    well i just did a mock NCLEX practice test on line and got 70%. well im pleased with that considering i am paeds nurse and have not much knowledge on adult nursing, some of the drugs i had never heard of. i did it out of interest
  14. by   SCmomof3
    What site was that at?