My daughter graduated BSN May 10th still hasn't received her ATT. Has anyone

  1. Has anyone ever waited that long for a NCLEX testing date? She's already been offered a job at a wonderful hospital but can't do a thing until she at least has a testing date. It's been over a month. Anyone have any suggestions?
    She doesn't follow Allnurses but I do so I'm hoping someone can give some insight.

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  3. by   jme4ya25
    I graduated May10th, Got my ATT like May28th, and took my test June 11th and passed in 265Q got the good pop up! Im from Texas! I would call your state board of nursing.
  4. by   Cathylady
    wow jme4ya25, that's amazing. She's in Virginia. :-(
  5. by   Sun0408
    I graduated Dec and didn't get my ATT til the end of Jan. Tested the first week of Feb.. Has she sent in her application to the BON and Pearson Vue?? I know it takes time, also her school has to send in all her transcripts etc..
  6. by   Cathylady
    Her university rings busy all the time but none of her fellow graduates have received a testing date either.
  7. by   Sun0408
    They won't get a testing date. They will receive their ATT, from there they can log on to PV and schedule the test.. She can call her BON and ask if all required documents have been submitted and when to expect her ATT.
  8. by   katiebry1031
    i graduated may 17th and just got my att today. at our university, we had to send a certificate of graduation to our board of nursing. i would call your board of nursing.
  9. by   BuckyBadgerRN
    Has her school filed all of the paperwork saying that she is eligible to take the test?
  10. by   Cathylady
    Since none of her classmates have received an ATT she's assuming that her university is the hold-up. Both her university and the BON ring busy constantly.
    She's been studying like crazy since she graduated and wants to get this test over with so she can start her job. Evidently on other threads a month isn't unusual but on the same token, some receive their ATT within days of graduation.
  11. by   nursebre
    I'm in Virginia too! Graduated from Radford University with my BSN on May 11. They didn't have our transcripts finished and sent until the 16th for some reason and even after that, the VA BON didn't receive them until the 22nd. Some of my classmates called the BON and they said they had to process the transcripts according to the date they were received. Needless to say, I didn't get my ATT until May 31 because they were several days behind due to high volumes of them coming in at this time. I was able to schedule a fairly early date (June 6th) took and passed the NCLEX and FINALLY get to start my job Monday! I hope your daughter gets her ATT soon; it is really stressful waiting around.
  12. by   Cathylady
    Thank you Nursebre!
    I hear Radford has a really good nursing program. Congratulations!
    My daughter's a VCU graduate.
  13. by   schnookimz
    I'm in the exact same boat. I have the same graduation date and still no ATT!
  14. by   nursebre
    Cathylady: Thank you! I loved Radford. VCU is a great school too.