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Is Saunder's CD Review harder than the actual NCLEX? Any comments? Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   SuesquatchRN
    I used Saunders for the NCLEX-PN. Passed at 85, the minimum. It prepared me for the kinds of stuff I was asked. I read the book and then did the related test on the CD, twice, until I was in the 90's. It was enough. But then, I'm a good test-taker. If you're not you might want to add another study source.
  2. by   gofigure
    Hi, let me start off by saying this is some good info. I need tips myself. I am a LPN graduate student and tried for RN and failed. I took my NCLEX-LPN exam and failed. I need help. I have the saunders. what else do I need and who are the authors. I am not familiar with most of the things you mentioned. Fill me in please. Thanks.
  3. by   altus bulldog
    Hi, I am new to the site, but I remember (back when the boards were two days long and only offered in two places in the entire state, and on certain dates) taking a full week review course - Sandra Smith, and fiinding out I REALLY DID KNOW MY STUFF! I also used an NCLEX review book (no CD's back then) and studied questions from that. There were actually two word for word questions in that book, that were on my boards. Supposedly, the questions were taken from the questions reviewers throw out and don't put on the real boards. I left the boards vacilating back and forth: yes,I passed, and then no, I didn't. A long wait for us then-July to the end of September.
    I am so glad my daughter, who graduates in May '07, doesn't have to go through what I went through. My daughter has both the Saunders and the Kaplan review books. The Saunders book is more comprehensive in that it gives more info and is a good review of the past 4 years. Kaplan's book is good to have on hand at work or for short study/review breaks, because it seems to be easier to get back into. And yes, you can have the best of both worlds by getting (and using) both books. Saunder's book also has led to some great discussions between us as she reviews for her classes and tests (and ultimately BOARDS).
  4. by   rags
    I used the same book mentioned but want to add a bit of advise (for what it's worth)... When you are taking the NCLEX don't give up because the questions seem really hard, unfamiliar information or medication, or because you feel you are guessing. Remember, you are IN THE TEST UNTIL IT SHUTS OFF! If you find yourself losing focus (and taking one question at a time) TAKE A BREAK and regroup!!! Learn your content. Figure out what what was difficult for you in previous test's or in school and learn it. Make yourself familiar with it at the minimum. Don't memorize each drug, just the categories of drugs and how they work (i.e. ACE inhibitors end with 'pril', Beta blockers end with 'olol', etc...) then you will have a chance of knowing what kind of drug you are dealing with even if you have never seen it before (because with the NCLEX that seems to happen a lot!)

    Good luck! Eat fish the night before, chocolate during your break and get plenty of rest. :wink2:

  5. by   rags
    By the way, I also used Exam Cram NCLEX-RN and absolutely LOVED it's format and review style. I HIGHLY recommend it. ISBN: 0789732696
  6. by   Nana1206
    Quote from GracieLVN
    Hey guys i found out last night that I passed my NCLEX at 85 questions. I think the NCLEX questions are more straight forward than the Saunders. Almost every single question was a priority question.. and I don't remember doing a lot of those using Saunders. But overall i think Saunders is an excellent tool and I would highly recommend using it!

    Congratulations, GracieLVN!! I'm shoutin' with ya!!

  7. by   lorenagerasimova
    I just finished the LVN program. I am looking for a center who offers review for NCLEX PN. Anybody knows one in San Jose area?
  8. by   rn4ever?
    hello all. i was the one who posted the question "is saunder's cd harder than the nclex?, and having tested more than a month ago, i'd say that saunder's and the nclex weren't exactly alike. but saunder's helped me exercise my critical thinking skills. i am glad i passed the test. thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
  9. by   Leilah75_RN
    Quote from caringnursenj
    hello all. i was the one who posted the question "is saunder's cd harder than the nclex?, and having tested more than a month ago, i'd say that saunder's and the nclex weren't exactly alike. but saunder's helped me exercise my critical thinking skills. i am glad i passed the test. thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
  10. by   popidol73
    :smackingf Please help anyone....Im going to take the NCLEX again on jan 10. This is my 3rd attepmt. I've been studying very hard ever since but it seems i forgot everything as it nears the exam date:icon_sad: :icon_sad: i need to re sched my exam.?
  11. by   Leilah75_RN
    does happen to everybody popidol73. we are human and not robots. relax. you can do it. believe in yourself. pray and we wil be praying for you and for all of us hopeful to ace nclex. good luck.
    if you arent really sure, u may always reschedue the exam on your own convenience 24hr prior to taking it.
  12. by   rowena84
    Well, I would say the NCLEX-RN exam is more difficult than Saunder's.. I would even say that after having answered some questions from Mosby, Lippincott, Davis's and Springhouse during my review, I would say Saunder's is the easiest. I don't recommend Saunder's for practice questions. It's very simple. Kaplan and Mosby's have the best pool of questions for NCLEX. Since the questions are very similar to the exam. But Saunder's content review is excellent. Very comprehensive.. I stopped at 75 and I passed my exam!
  13. by   altus bulldog
    My daughter pased her boards on the first try: 75 questions! She mostly used Kaplan and Stein (5th edition), books for studying, and even took flashcards with her on our vacation-limiting her review to 50 questions a day-while on a beach, enjoying the sun. She felt the Stein book was a good study help for areas she felt she needed more reviewing in. We came home and she took her boards 10 days later. she started off her morning at Starbucks with 2 other classmates taking boards at the same time, then arrived at the testing station early. They let all 3 in to test before their scheduled time. I would not have passed if I did like she did. Saunders is a good general review. Learning by using topical study guides is also good. Study areas where you were weak in school, but don't forget areas you did well in. You don't want to fail because you didn't review an area you thought you knew. That would be a really big downer! And most importantly of all: eat a balanced, high protein meal the night before the boards, and do not study after noon the day before. You don't want to forget all you learned by cramming at the last minute. Do something fun to help you relax! Being relaxed is harder to do for such an important exam, but worth it.