I passed the Nclex RN in 75 questions!!

  1. I just looked at the MNBON website and it says exam results: Passed!!! I took my test yesterday morning for the FIRST time!!!!! I am soo happy for it to be over with! I studied for 3 weeks for an average of 3 hours a day (the last three days before my test I did a 17hour-8hour-light review the night before) +a week of Kaplan review before that three weeks. I am so burned out and happy I don't have to stress anymore!

    I had some SATA, a ton of priority and delegation questions, A TON of SAFETY/INFECTION Control (Standard, Droplet, Airborne, Contact Precautions) a TON OF MED QUESTIONS---which I had no clue what they were, never heard of them! I was freaked out when it shut off at 75, I kept thinking that it caught my pharm weakness as on my QT 7 I got 51% on that section. But I passed yay!

    If ppl are wondering what I got on my Kaplan tests here they are:

    50% Diagnostic
    57% Readiness
    46% QT 1
    57% QT 2
    48% QT 3
    54% QT 4
    57% QT 5
    63% QT 6
    61% QT 7

    Don't take tests later than 7/8 PM, you get so tired and that is were my lowest scores came from. My scores got better at the end, bc I went really slow and read each question. After the test, the next day I would read each rationale whether I got the question right or wrong. I made note cards of random things like diseases, meds, therapeutic postions, safety/infection, precautions and added to them with each test I took. I also did a ton of QBank every day 100-200 questions a day (not counting QTs) I would make 50 questions on all content, 25 questions in areas I scored between 51-60, and 3 ten questions all content--to practice getting the first ten right on the NClex, which Kaplan told me that if you get at least 7/10 on the first questions, you'll most likely have a short test (75?s) I also listened to content videos on topics I scored lower in and re-read my book, some sections re-read twice.

    I honestly can only thank God though, he gave me calmness and helped me be able to think clearly. He def.helped me through all of this.

    Good luck to everyone else that is testing--I hope my tips/experience help someone!
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    Wow! Congratulations!
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    you're good! congrats
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    Congrats..well done
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    yayyy! CONGRATS.
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    Thanks everyone! I love how encouraging and positive ppl are on this website! I would read threads to pick up my confidence the days before and after my test. Thank you!
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    Congrats!! That is a real accomplishment I take my NCLEX on the 17th and im so nervous.I have not studied nearly as much as you did.I took Kaplan and I have been studying for three wks as well,but I have been doing 50-150 quest. a day and just reviewing content.I read through the test at the end and study that area I was weak on.I also make focused test of content I scored low on and review it.I really do not feel prepared.I am so scared! By the way, what is a SATA quest?
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    select all that apply :wink2:
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