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  1. bummer83

    is it Legal for DSD to give information

    thanks caliotter3, do you suggest confronting my creepy coworkers? At michelle, what you mean about grammar? what cant you understand exactly?
  2. Hi Just a question, is the DSD legally able to give ou information to their family member? Well, couple months ago i left my job because we were moving out of state and unfortunately came back after a month so when i came back i found another job however my friend insisted for me to apply in another facility for a adon position. i tried to apply there and did my orientation for like 2 days and did not like so i did not continue. my coworkers from old job who constantly talks trash behind me started a rumor that i am in that facility because of more money. who happened to be the direct competetion of my previous job...because the DSD who happened to be the sister of one of my coworker and giving out information about me. and just recently my DON asked me to come back and i did, and now im currently working again with those back stabbers and hated that i am back and when they asked me if i worked in that other facilty i said no because i dont want them all up in my business they started saying that . Yes you did because my sister who is the DSD told us so. my qyestion is is this bullying and that DSD has all the rights to just give information to their family member?im so upset and thinking about quitting what should i do??????
  3. bummer83

    San Diego UCSD July new grad RN program

    awh...congrats! I haven't received anything yet and they only have like 10 positions open i guess i wont be a lucky one,lol...anyway,congrats ok, if its ok to ask im just wondering what qualifications do u have that u think made u have better chances comapred to other applicants,and when did u receive the email? thanks! godbless with your career...
  4. bummer83

    San Diego UCSD July new grad RN program

    Keep us posted guys if you hear anything from UCSD HR,thanks :)
  5. bummer83

    Refresher programs Bay Area

    Hi I just want to ask if the refresher course is really helpful in finding a job,especially for a new grad.
  6. hi faith 2743 ,i sentyou an email.hope u dont mind.thnx!
  7. bummer83

    How useful are RN refresher courses?

    Im thinking about it too, but as for my case im a foreign grad and the nurse recruiter suggested i enroll for are fresher course ,but still it has no assurance that i can land ajobso i dont know, how long is the program in your place?iwas inquiring at CSUSM and it cost 2500 for 10 week long program and 675 for UCSD extension fora week long program,soi dont nknow yet.i hope somebody can help us out or atleast give their opinion if they have undergone the program.
  8. bummer83

    New Grad facing unique issue

    We went to a Nurseweek Job Fair yesterday at Anaheim Convention Center. We were talking to a Nurse Recruiter for Tri city Medical Center and I was told that most likely i wont land a Job in Hospital setting since im a Foreign grad and that they require that you graduated within 6 months of Application and I graduated 2006 and i have some working experience abroad and just came here last year and passed my Nclex in June 2009 and I have been job hunting since then but no luck. she said I should try applying in SNF which is hard enought to get in since they dont like this "no experience" thing. I feel like heart broken inside and losing hope....its just kinda sad
  9. bummer83

    I Finally Did It! I Wrote to Oprah!

    way to go girl!...im a foreign nurse educated nurse and having a hard time im not considered new grad but im not considered as experienced nurse too so i dont know what is my status, its frustrating.=(
  10. bummer83

    UCSD october new grad program

    i havent heard anything yet. Wow she must be lucky, coz the recruiter said they only have 3-5 open positions for that program. when did she getthe e-mail?
  11. bummer83

    UCSD october new grad program

    keep us posted i have applied too and im anxious ...
  12. Anyone appllied for UCSD NEW GRAD PROGRAM?i heard there will be a new grad porgram for sharp hospital next mont. Ive been applying online since i passed my board in June but no luck yet most of my friends have jobs already and i feel terrible right now like im getting depressed and hopeless...=(
  13. bummer83

    San Diego UCSD new grad RN

    HiI am interested too. Can you share to us what would the requirements befor New grad program application and how was the interview?thanks hope to hear from you soon.=)
  14. bummer83

    pinay RN here who took nclex CA! help...^^..

    Yea just try the PV trick, it worked for me and for most of the people who took nclex. I think the only way to get your result if you dont have SSN is thru snail mail, so just hang in there and try to relax.godbless=)
  15. Hi I am just wondering if any of you can help me be enlighten about this residency for Rn , I am a foreign grad and trained RN and just recently passed my nclex and surely i do fall under new grad since i dont have any Us experience, so i am just wondering about this whether it will benefit me or not , or if im qualified to undergo this or not and what would be the requirements, Thanks in advance.
  16. bummer83

    North county SD jobs for RN

    Thanks for the reply guys i really appreciate it, i just want to ask about you opinion about staffing agencies...are they recommended or not really?i thinks its better to be hired directly by the hospital but im thinking abut going thru agencies just in case...but i dunno realy what to expect, any idea?