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  1. First I must say as a new grad myself it is hard at times not to take things personal. It is great that you have a supportive team to work with and a great preceptor. I have noticed that when families have "lost" control of a situation they start to ...
  2. help i am trying to find an er job!

    PM me and if you are willing to relocate as you say I know of a Level 1 trauma center hiring new grads and nurses from the floors in the ED.
  3. Nurses not speaking english at work

    First I must say it is rude for them to take lunch or breaks at the same time if it is unsafe for the pts. When I am at work and I see my countryman or woman we speak in our language because we greet each other in a different way than Americans do. H...
  4. Things I have learned in Nursing

    I don't know everything and if I did we would not need orientation :)
  5. When you don't agree with the doctor...

    A doc asked me to give a med and I stated, "Doc so & so I don't think it is safe for the patient and if you want to give the med then do so but I won't" he was upset and all the nurses on the unit agreed with me and he had to change the order. Yo...
  6. Emotional Rollercoaster

    I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. I don't work hospice but what I can tell you is please do not become numb!! When you start becoming numb in a place such as hospice then maybe you should move on. I know someone 30 years old that died an...
  7. Passed NCLEX-RN 77 questions & happy :)

    RN2Be I think your test scores are great for Kaplan. I really don't believe you can study too soon. I know with Kaplan from my experience if you do EVERY & I mean EVERYTHING they tell you to do you will pass. Others that did not pass that I know ...
  8. What's in your pocket(s)?

    1. Pen 2. IVs (20g, extention tubes) 3. Trauma shears 4. Tegaderm 5. Vacutainer 6. Cheat book 7. Flushes 8. ETOH pads 9. Gum 10. Credit card Wow I did not realize what I really put in my pockets until now :)
  9. Patient Compliant...Taking it Really Hard

    Don't be too hard on yourself :) I had to straight cath a pt and missed so I had to call my former preceptor who told me I was an idiot for missing so it can happen. The funny part about it is that the pt does this herself...I just laughed at it and ...
  10. I am on my way!!

    Congrats on HESI and good luck on your up coming semesters :) Remember to do what is best for you and your family. You rock!!
  11. I passed the Nclex RN on my second try!!! Please read to find out how!

    CONGRATS!!! I knew you would do..:)
  12. Do you ever volunteer or even have the time to?

    I volunteer local as an EMT and I have been on a few trips overseas. My experiences were GREAT and it helped me see what what was important in life..things such as family rather than material things. I am going on a trip next summer to Guatemala to v...
  13. Jaded after a month !!! This is a vent

    Thank you all soo much :) I went to work today and I started out with a positive attitude and avoided the negative people in our group and I am happy to say that I ended my shift that way. It was hard at times but I made sure to smile and say thanks ...
  14. Jaded after a month !!! This is a vent

    Thank you both so much, I really should just try and be cheerful around my patients and maybe it will transfer to the others.
  15. I am a new grad that started in June and I love love my job as a new grad. I moved out of state to work and it has been the best thing for me. however, the group of RN's I started with a couple are so negative that it is making me miserable and I can...