I have taken the NCLEX twice and cant seem to pass???? I am frustrated

  1. I Graduated in fall of 2007, but was not able to take the boards for six months... do to a mix up with the dean and the Boards, that was where it started.. when I finally got the go ahead I took it so fast I failed the first time and tried to study a second time, but failed anyway. I get anxiety attacks during the exam and end up going the whole six hours with out completing the exam.. finally the computor will shut down because of the time... I am at my wits about this, and dont know what to do? can anybody plse let me know about any kind of study tutorial?, in class study group? or something different other then kaplan? that didnt seem to help. I have a husband and five children who are still awaiting this last task that I cant seem to achieve. Any words of wisdom will greatly be appreciated. Or what can I do this time around to pull myself up and try again???? desperately seeking nursing advice.
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  3. by   Arkhangelsk
    This honestly sounds like a case of frustration building up to a case of nerves. I'm not a psychologist, just getting my Dr. Phil on, calm down, relax, take a deep breath, etc. All that negative energy serves you no good, it is in fact causing the opposite effect of what you are trying to acheive.

    Perhaps you are subconsciously telling yourself that you don't know it, that your not good enough, and the first failed test confirms it for you. Again, let those thoughts, if you have them, go. They are not true, and they do not serve you well.

    Take a breather if you need, not too long, just a couple of weeks, try not too think about it, remind yourself of all that makes your life good and worth living. Do all the things that you like to do, hang out with the people that fill you with a sense of light-heartedness and purpose.

    Pick the book up again, re-read. Figure out what enviroment you thrive in, Alone in the morning with tea or coffee on the veranda, in the afternoon at a library with other students discussing hematomas, etc.

    Then, when the test comes, remind yourself that the fear/anxiety is an illusion, a false belief. Also, caffiene can increase feelings of anxiety, so if you drink it, cut back a bit, if not, do something that relieves your stress.

    Also, you might see about beta blockers. This is really a last resort, but if you honestly have problems with anxiety talk to your doctor or therapist, and they may decide that a prescription might work for you.
  4. by   student200977
    I get test anxiety all the time...you know, I was reading a kaplan book, and it said that sometimes when people get anxious, they have a tendency to hold their breath, but don't notice they are doing this. So the book suggested to take several deep breaths so that oxygen can go to your brain. Also no coffee, it causes vasoconstriction. Just relax, take deep breaths. I am using a couple review books, but I think what is helping me so far are doing tons of practice questions...Good Luck and I'll pray for you.
  5. by   WittleOnesRN
    Did you take a prep class. Kaplan? I took Kaplan and used the book exam cram and I passed at 75. They really helped me and I am not sure if I would have passed without them. One of my friends is super super smart, works in the ICU and she didnt pass the 1st time.
  6. by   sweetpee1382
    Thank you so much, this was really good advice... I wasnt sure about posting, I have never done this before, and I felt wierd about it since It has always been me who cheers up all my friends. But after reading this being from a different outlook on things it is good for me, and I am going to do it.. thnks again.. teresa.
  7. by   angel_mishi
    Wish u v Best of Luck, and hope u ganna make it this time!!!!!!
  8. by   Troublant RN
    I highly recommend the Kaplan NCLEX review. It has been two years since you graduated so I am not sure if you will need some content review as well. Keep in mind that Kaplan is an NCLEX Exam strategy course, which will help you decipher the questions and eliminate obviously incorrect choices in the answers. You must have good content knowledge to then make a decision between the two last choices left if you haven't figured out the answer after using the Kaplan strategies. It worked for me, their text book had good, relevant content information that also helped me out in passing the test on the first try with 75 questions. If I can do it, so can you. Take the class, relax, and do your best.
  9. by   TheCommuter
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  10. by   caliotter3
    In addition to preparation for the NCLEX, I think you could use some serious work with relaxation techniques. If you can afford it, I would seriously consider seeing a professional counselor for help with your test taking anxiety. Good luck.
  11. by   winsome08
    You need to practice relaxation techniques & counselling as others have suggested. About the NCLEX prep, don't use too many review books just find one that you like or use Saunders and La Charity as many people have considered them to be very good resources. Good Luck in your studies.