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  1. student200977

    Struggling new grad - tell me it gets better

    I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I am a new grad as well, and have gone through, and still going through the overwhelming stress. You should read some of my posts...My first few months were the toughest. At this point, I can say things have gotten better. Everyone tells me that with time I will see that things will get better. Unfortunately, everyone, including those we work with have different personalities, and it's very difficult having to learn and adapt to the real world of nursing when we don't have supportive co-workers. But hang in there, you will develop your own routine, learn how policies and procedures work at your facility, and will learn how to manage your time. You will see that eventually everything will become second nature. I'm not quite there yet, but I know things have gotten better because I haven't cried in a long time. I will keep you in my prayers.
  2. student200977

    tears and more tears

    I'm a new grad and have been on my own for almost 2 months now. I have been struggling with the adjustment, and hate work most of the time. I feel like some patients I have taken care of, went bad, because of something I did or didn't do. i had one patient who i admitted, but didn't take care of for 4 days that transferred to the icu??? could i have done something to prevent that four days earlier???? I had another patient who I took care of for 2 days that had to transfer to step down for a possible PE that the nurse I gave report to found a Sao2 of 88%. Did i not catch something???? I had another pt who's o2 was inthe 80s, called the doctor, got some orders to increase oxygen... reported to the next shift...come in the next day find out he went to icu for respiratory prob...i was devastated...what did i do wrong???? maybe i wasn't meant to be a nurse...
  3. student200977

    Describe your worst...

    great experiences so far...keep em' comin :)
  4. student200977

    Describe your worst...

    Describe what was your worst/hardest patient assignment to date...and what you did about it :)
  5. student200977

    Should I or Shouldn't I?

    I am a struggling new grad, and if you read my other posts you will find that I have been wanting to quit my job. But hang on, because everyone promises it will get better. I still want to quit, still cry, and wonder if I made the right career choice. I feel extreme anxiety before going to work, and toss and turn at night hoping everything went well. I've been on my own for about a month now, and hate it. Should I talk to my manager, let her know how I feel?
  6. student200977

    Not loving my career choice today

    I know exactly how you feel. You should read some of my posts. I feel like I want to quit everyday, but then I think, I cant, for a few reasons...1) I'm not a quitter (this is the first time in my life I have acatually considered it though), 2) I'm under a contract, 3) I need the experience if I want to do anything else, 4) I need the money, 5) and the most obvious, I'm blessed to have gotten this job in today's economy. Being a new grad sucks...I know the hospital is not for me. I went into this field to help people, not run around like some crazy person filled with a whole shift of tasks. Its definitely rough out there, but I try to listen to everyone who tells me that it will get easier with time.
  7. student200977

    Struggeling New Grad working in the med surg floor.

    I understand how you feel. I've been on the floor as a new grad for 4 months now, and already thinking about quitting. The only thing holding me back is a one year contract, if broken, I have to pay the hospital $8000. I am also thinking about not quitting for other reasons, that I will disappoint my family, and I'll feel like a failure. It's not like me to not finish something that I have started. But for the first time in my life I feel like this is one obstacle I can't overcome. I've been coming home crying and praying. I feel so fortunate to have landed this job in this economic downturn, that I might regret quitting. When I first started it was such a reality shock into the real world of nursing that I questioned my ability to be a nurse. I work on a very busy med-surg floor, and Im always exhausted, and have been feeling very depressed. Depressed because I didn't give the best of care, I have no life anymore, but I guess that's why us night nurses get that differential. I'm also depressed because this is not how I thought nursing would be (an entire shift filled with tasks, charting, and dealing with mad pt's, families, doctors, and administration). I'll tell you what I have gotten good at...holding my freaking bladder for 6-8 hours. I'm trying so hard to stick with this job, just counting down the months till I can finally scream and say "I QUIT" but until then I'm taking everyone's word for it, that I will get used to everything, to have patience, and give it more time. But this is too much on my body, and my mind, that I don't know if waiting for that one year mark is worth all this anguish. I dread going to work every single day, I hate it. Everyday when I get home, I go online looking for other jobs that might suit me better. Then I question if I ever did get offered another position if I would leave this job. I really enjoyed this job in the beginning because I started with 1-2 patients, I knew exactly what was going on with them as far as their health history, and what tests they were going for and why, but now, with 5 patients I don't know their diagnosis sometimes, their history, what tests they've had, why their taking this medication, I can't do a thorough assessment, and what the hell I'm doing sometimes. I'm to the point where I am scared for my license. I'm currently confused...but I do know that bedside is not for me. Damn contract!!!! But you know what, since the first day I started I have gained alot of skills, and I have learned a lot in 4 months. People say it's suppose to get easier with time...but I still find it very risky. Just my opinion.
  8. student200977

    I can't take it anymore

    I can't stand my job, I am a new grad been working for almost 4 months now. Med Surg is nothing like I experienced in school. I never expected nursing to bring me down, and make me feel this depressed. I was so inspired and self-fulfilled with my career decision, but with all the stress, pressure, demands of the hospital setting...I feel like I'm suppose to be in 10 places at one time. With everything so rushed, I feel like I can be a safety hazard to my patients. I work 5 days a week, 8hr shifts, and I feel there just isn't enough hours in the day. I tell myself..."don't be a coward, if they can do it, you can do it." But I come home crying every day, worrying that I forgot something, and even on my days off I soooo desperately want to enjoy it, but can't because work is on my mind. I would quit right now if I could, but I'm under a one year contract. If I quit now I have to pay $8000. I know I'm still new, but I always wonder if I will ever be all the other nurses on my floor who look relaxed, not so stressed, and smile. I always feel like I have to put on a fake laugh or smile, just so everyone knows I'm ok. When I'm at work everyone talks about everyone, you're getting in trouble for little things that administration wants done, the pt's families are yelling at you, patients are frustrated, don't know what's going on with the patients entirely because there is no time to look at the chart, forgetting to do this and that because i need to attend to prn meds, or md is calling for something else. I feel like an idiot at work, and I don't know if the hospital setting is for me. What do you think? Keep me in your prayers, it's the only thing that will save me.
  9. A lot of hospitals in southern cali are trying to get magnet status, and one of the "unspoken" requirements are to have a bulk of the nursing staff have their BSNs. But I still think it all boils down with the interview.
  10. student200977

    New Grad Starting at Good Samaritan Hospital- Los Angeles

    they cancelled their new grad program for the summer, HR says they will be hiring again next year 2010.
  11. student200977

    U think Saunders Q&A cd and Kaplan Q.Trainer enough?

    All of those are very very good sources...I like the delegation book I found that helpful...I took Kaplan and absolutely loved it, the questions are close in style to the nclex, and they are higher level-passing level questions. I don't know when to say if any one or few sources is enough, it all depends on how prepared you feel, your understanding of the content, and how well you've been doing on the practice tests.
  12. student200977

    CA NCLEX-RN takers

    I passed!!!! Just found out a few minutes ago. All of my praises and thanks go to God. I couldn't have done it without Him.
  13. student200977

    CA NCLEX-RN takers

    Took mine on the 30th too, that's funny cause my school just sent out my transcripts last Thursday too. The BRN said they got it the same day I tested. But still no results. Did you get your results yet?
  14. student200977

    Anyone took the NCLEX June 30th in CA?

    Took mine on the 30th, and I know exactly how your feeling. People say you can check on the BRN website in as little as 2-3 days, but I still don't see my name. Mine stopped at 75 too, had about 8 or 10 SATA, had the same ranking question for the foley, and no dosage calculations (hopefully that's not bad). But good luck, just take deep breaths, and relax...I tried the pearson vue trick too, and got a pop up as well. We can't do anything but be patient and wait. But making us wait is just cruel I tall ya'....
  15. student200977

    I have taken the NCLEX twice and cant seem to pass???? I am frustrated

    I get test anxiety all the time...you know, I was reading a kaplan book, and it said that sometimes when people get anxious, they have a tendency to hold their breath, but don't notice they are doing this. So the book suggested to take several deep breaths so that oxygen can go to your brain. Also no coffee, it causes vasoconstriction. Just relax, take deep breaths. I am using a couple review books, but I think what is helping me so far are doing tons of practice questions...Good Luck and I'll pray for you.
  16. student200977

    American university of health science in long beach ca

    My sister just started this past spring at American University. She likes it so far, and yes it is quite expensive. She talked with other students, and they have good things to say about the program. I heard they are applying for ccne or nln accreditation this coming fall, the school is just waiting for the first group to graduate this june or july:twocents: