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Hi everyone, I took my NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time and Failed. I took it last Monday 10/02/06 and no results on the website. I stopped at 101 or 102 but I know I failed for sure cuz it was getting... Read More

  1. by   saadia_s
    i failed my nclex first time. i am confused about taking kaplan classes again. should i get my money back or go back in class for free. please give me suggestion.
  2. by   nadu13
    Hey Saadia S, I think you should try using Suzanne 4 Study guide. There is a sticky at the top of this forum and she tells you exactly what to do to pass the NCLEX. She has a 100% passing rate. I myself, have taken the NCLEX twice and failed both times. I have started to use SUzanne4 plan and it is working out well. I am feeling different already. Try it out!
  3. by   kingallnurses
    Hi, it is not the end of the world. Keep trying surely you can do it next time. Just read and read and read. Just don't loose hope. :spin:
  4. by   AuntieRN
    Congrats 28!!!!
  5. by   oopopnon
    dear :
    I fail it first .But I do not know how to reapplicate and the process .Please help me .Another information :I am non-us graduation person .Thanks.

    Quote from Nursing28
    Hi everyone,

    I took my NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time and Failed. I took it last Monday 10/02/06 and no results on the website. I stopped at 101 or 102 but I know I failed for sure cuz it was getting hard then it got really easy at the end and it just shut off. I feel so sad cuz I had studied my little butt off. I did nearly 5000 questions and read the Saunder's book. I had never wanted anything so bad other than to be an RN. Nobody knew that I took the test other than my boyfriend who was really supportive. The really sad part is, my first test, I got 265 questions. I can't believe I did much worst the 2nd time around. It's really hard to pick up and start studying all over again. Most of my classmate passed and one girl was stressed out and wanted to quit nursing. I was thinking, I would do anything to pass. Thanks for listening and the support. Wishing everyone who is taking or already taken the NCLEX best wishes.
  6. by   trekjudy
    NURSING 28 ..congrats on passing...what did you do differently this time? Did you try Suzannes plan?

  7. by   shalom7
    to NUrsing 28...

    i am still a student and have not taken any exams but i know how it feels to be down....
    it may be hard to accept it however try your best to accept it and take it as a challenge to persevere and think positive always...
    in every aspect of life, there is always what we call winner and loser however it does not conclude our capabilities..there are a lot of aspect to consider why things happened and in that every circumstances there are lessons we can get from them...
    you are more valuable and capable than what other thinks of you..prove to them that you have still the strenght and intellect to pursue...God has a good plan in you and The Lord will never forsake you...You can do all things through CHRIST.....just call on Him and surely He listens to you...
    good luck...you can do it...
  8. by   RNKay31
    Wishing all the results waiting test takers the very best, toes and fingers cross for you guys
  9. by   Nursing28
    Hi trekJudy,
    What I did different second time around was Saunder's.....I read most of the Saunder's Comprehensive book then did the quizzes in the back. After that I went and bought the Saunder's Q & A and did the whole thing then went over it one more time. In that Q&A book came along a CD rom (over 5000 questions) Really helpful cuz I went to the "study mode" and did all their content......Along w/doing the questions, I took notes. After all the questions I just went over my notes. Okay NCLEX is all about critical thinking....BUT you have to know your content as well. Then you put two and two together. I did kaplan question trainer 6 & 7 only for critical thinking....helped a lot. Funny thing is, second time, I got a lot of questions that I studied from Saunder's. It wasn't as bad as the first time around. I studied my little butt off...all worth it at the end. Stay FOCUSED and don't freak out if you don't understand what they are asking you....sometimes it is in the answer choices. Eliminate as much as possible. I'm glad I took it the second time around, cuz now I'm wrking and I remember a lot from what I had previously studied. Know your mech. vent....understand why pt is on it. Always think the possible things that can go wrong and what you as a nurse would do to prevent it. I still think that way when I am a working. Don't memorize the labs but understand why it is low or high...what is the pt's DX etc....really important cuz you will need to know it when you pass NCLEX. No matter how much you study for the boards, there will always be something that you don't know or never even learned in school, this is where you make an educated guess. Well good luck to you......
  10. by   trekjudy
    TO nursing 28...
    How long did it take you to finish the saunders and kaplan? I tried to send you a private message but your mailbox is full.

  11. by   g_race
    hi there! i was reading the threads and i got a bit curious about you.... well, congratulations... i'm glad your agony ended up in celebration. I guess you underestimated your performance too much... or perhaps, that is how one normally feels whenever they have the face off with the actual exam...eh? anyway, i'm really glad you made it! i'm taking my exam next week, maybe you can give me some tips about the topics you've encountered during the exam... (oh not the actual questions) i'm having much trouble building up my confidence... i know we'll go through this excuriating experience... God bless!
  12. by   JJG07
    Hey guys, i also took my nclex on friday, 17th in CA. Can anyone of you tell me where to look for results on BON website? Does the site only show the result if i have applied for interim permit??
  13. by   g_race
    hi JJG... it really varies, a friend ( who resides in US) of mine saw his result for about a week posted in CA BON, some of my friends though who doesn't have their SSN got the written result for at least 23 days.

    God bless... I hope you'll make it!