I am such a slacker....Help!!

  1. Ok, I just graduated in July. After that beautiful day, I did nothing (but work as an aide). So last week I recieved my ATT, and made my appt....for 9/5 (I could have taken it today actually, but I had not been preparing and thought a later date would be better)....Well, now that I have the appt. I have been studying very little. Probably only 400 questions (from a saunders book) in the last week. And I haven't been doing well! I was a good student with good grades, and now I'm scared,very scared. I just ordered a Kaplan book from ebay, so when that comes in I will need to get motivated!! But Help me please I know it might sound stupid but I'm too scared to get motivated! What should I do?
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  3. by   shanLPN
    I studied mostly from the Saunders CD and probably did about 3000 questions total before NCLEX. I think the best advice anybody can give you is just to do as many questions as possible before the exam so that you are used to the test format and so that you can fine-tune your critical thinking skills. Also remember Maslow, the ABC's and the nursing process when you are taking NCLEX. Good luck:spin:
  4. by   JenNJFLCA
    Kaplan is the reason I passed NCLEX! Do as many questions as possible. I cannot stress that enough. Go over all rationales. You can do it if you really crack down from now till then!
  5. by   Jo Dirt
    There is nothing to study for, really. I made a half-hearted attempt with a Kaplan book but seriously, don't let it worry you about not doing well on those practice tests, because the couple I took I did not do that great on, either. The real NCLEX, though, the computer stopped at 75 questions and I passed. What I realized is that there is not really a way to study for that test, it is mostly critical thinking skills (common sense).
    You really can't study for that.
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    It is offer suggestions, really. You recently graduated, and that alone can be exhausting. Maybe there is a portion of you that is rebelling for a minute because you have a bit of freedom. Nothing wrong with that! Some people try doing at least 100 questions a day. Maybe do that. Motorcycle mama is correct; there is no real preparation for such an exam. Most people (myself included) considered NCLEX to be FAR different from any exam taken in school. Now, I LAUGH when I review my textbooks and look to the end of the chapter to see 'nclex-style questions'...yeah RIGHT!!! Mine was certainly from MARS.

    I do think that some review is necessary. We usually think that we have some information down pact, only to get some questions and realize that we forgot because that nursing school threw a great deal of information our way. Maybe answer questions and the ones that are coming up wrong; review those subjects. I know it is hard to remain motivated; it sounds like you just want to move on in life or breeze for a minute or two. You are so close to the prize...just make a bit more time. I was on fumes when I got to studying for that exam, so, I am feeling you!
  7. by   caliotter3
    It's been a year. Have you taken the NCLEX and passed? We would like to congratulate you. Please let us know.
  8. by   EricJRN
    From Mom's post history, it looks like congratulations are in order... er, were in order some time ago.