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  1. shanLPN

    First Job!?!

    Hang in there! I know it can be frustrating to look for a new job --- I am a new grad, too, and was just hired in a clinic. The pay is less, but the hours are great and I get to spend more time with my family. It took me about a month before I found the right job, and I actually had to turn down offers at a VA Hospital and a nursing home. Just keep applying at places that you are interested in, and before you know it, you will be scheduling interviews. I had several facilities tell me that they prefer hiring new grads, because they are right out of school and have "fresh" ideas and skills. You will find a job soon -- good luck!!
  2. shanLPN

    I Passed!!!

    Congratulations on the great news! And good luck with the job search!!
  3. shanLPN

    I Passed Yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :balloons: Congrats! That's awesome!!!:hatparty:
  4. shanLPN

    Thanks Be To God I Passed

    Congratulations! :balloons:
  5. shanLPN

    Took NCLEX-PN Today-Failed?

    I, too, felt 99% sure that I had failed the NCLEX......but the next day my name was posted on the BON website right next to my license number! The test is set up so that you do miss a lot of questions; as a result, most people walk out of the exam feeling that they have failed. Try to keep yourself busy with fun things for the next couple of days. Be sure to keep us updated! We are all rooting for you!!:icon_hug:
  6. At my school, there are about 200 applicants who take an entrance exam. After you pass the exam, there is a questionnare that you fill out which basically sums up your experiences with patient care and why you want to be a nurse. After that, about 35 people are accepted into the program. So no, at my school there wasn't a certain GPA; it was up to the school who they chose to accept. I went into LPN school with NO patient care background (I had always worked in sales or customer service jobs), so I think the first semester was more difficult for me than other students who were CNA's or MA's. Learning the terminology, meds, etc can be overwhelming if it is all new to you! Nursing school is tough, but you can get through it if you really dedicate yourself to learning and studying hard. Good luck:nuke:
  7. shanLPN

    Online Applications.

    I am a recently licensed LPN with no previous nursing experience, and I was just hired in a clinic after applying online. I had applied for 5 different clinic jobs through the same hospital system, and their HR department was VERY diligent in helping me get interviews. I was very pleased with the whole experience, and would recommend following up with the HR person for the facility you are applying to. Good luck!
  8. shanLPN

    Great News!!!

  9. shanLPN

    Just got my results I PASSED!

    :balloons: Way to go! Congrats:nurse:
  10. shanLPN

    New mommy passed NCLEX TODAY!!!

    Congrats on passing boards and on the new baby! What an exciting time in your life! :balloons:
  11. shanLPN

    Where was your first LPN job?

    Times sure have changed:wink2:
  12. shanLPN

    Where was your first LPN job?

    Thanks for the encouragement! I need it right now!!
  13. shanLPN

    Strengths and Weaknesses?

    Hi all, I have 3 interviews coming up next week (YAY!!!!) and I am trying to come up with some good answers for the usual "What are your strengths/weaknesses?" questions that I will inevitably be asked. I have come up with a pretty good "strengths" list, but am stumped about the "weakness" question. Any ideas? (FYI, I am thinking of saying that my weakness is that I am new to the nursing profession, having just passed boards recently). Thanks!
  14. shanLPN

    Where was your first LPN job?

    Thanks for the replies, everybody. I guess I am just a little discouraged because it looks like it's going to be harder to find a job than I thought (or at least one that will work for my family). Fortunately my husband has a great job, so money isn't the issue right now; I just really want to work as a nurse! I will keep looking -- I hadn't thought about a 3-11pm shift; I think I will check with some of the LTC facilities in my area about that. Thanks again!
  15. shanLPN

    Passed NCLEX-PN!!

    Congratulations, nurse!!!:smiley_aa