HELP! Failed NCLEX-RN Exam twice!

  1. Hello everyone!
    This is crazy! I never thought I would have to take the NCLEX a third time! I have taken the NCSBN online review course, read the Kaplan review book, and did the Kaplan online review. On the first exam I got 238 questions, the second 265. After the first attempt I thought I was weak in strategies, but obviously I need more work. I wrote a letter to the board to see if they could give me more info about the questions I missed. The first letter I received from them said "near passing standard" in every that didn't help me prepare! Any suggestions would be great??????
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  3. by   EricJRN

    Welcome to the site! I'm sorry to hear about your struggles. You might give the Saunders Comprehensive Review a try. A lot of people seem to like Kaplan, but Suzanne4 and I (co-moderators of the NCLEX Discussion Forum) both prefer Saunders for its thorough, organized content.

    Speaking of the NCLEX Discussion Forum, take a look at it. It's got lots of tips and stories from people who had to work very hard in order to pass. It can be found here:

    Again, welcome aboard and best of luck in your studying.
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    Thanks for the advice, I'll try everything I can!
    Thanks again!
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    Godd luck to you!
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    Good morning,
    I understand what you are going thru. I took the nclex 3 times and passed on my third try. On the first and second letters from nclex each category said near passing standard. I google for nclex review and found Suzanne study tips. I did her study tips, along with Lippincott's nclex question book and nclex review 3500 cd. In the past, I just study the review books and did not do a lot of study questions. This time I did alot of questions (about 5000) with Suzanne's study tips. I also prayed and fast. That must have done it for me because July 16, 2006 I checked bon website and found out that I passed.

    So, keep the faith. You will pass also. I know you will.
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    Thank you for your kindness, I appreciate it!
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    I did not kow anyone could read all of this
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    I am taking the nclex for a third time myself. I hope that you have passed your boards. I have the Saunders book and I am studying the material. I wish you the best of luck.
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    try the book prioritization, delegation, assignment by la charity many says is a must book
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    Good luck kparri.
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    For those who have failed the NCLEX, I feel your pain. I took mine for the second time this past Monday and failed. I went in feeling good, but like all of you know, the questions are downright ridiculous. My mom is a nurse practitioner and I was telling her about the questions and she thought they too were out in left field..ridiculous. After failing for the second time and being crushed, it is hard to be confident and get motivated to study. I even took Kaplan...I am not sure what to do now to prepare for the test for the third for all of you who are in my shoes, I feel your really sucks in every way..
  14. by   pro'goofball
    Does the LaCharity book really help...?