Failed NCLEX RN twice. It's been 2 years and have to take a refresher course.

  1. Hello everyone I need help. So I graduated an RN in Arizona state 2015. I failed NCLEX-RN twice. In Az after 2 years being out of RN you have to take a refresher course.

    Would it be possible to retake NCLEX-RN in another state? Need advice from anyone.
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  3. by   AndrewCraigRN
    Good question. Contact the board of nursing. They are the ones that make the rules
  4. by   Ryan_007
    Yes it is. Search on the site and others have shared their experience doing it. I believe NY does not require it and allows for unlimited retakes.
  5. by   LhetzP
    @AndreCraigRN I can do that. Thank you
  6. by   LhetzP
    @Ryan_007, I will look into that too. I appreciate the reply
  7. by   Mavrick
    If you have not passed the NCLEX you are not an RN. Your school does not graduate you as an RN. You receive an education that a BON may allow you to take the NCLEX.
  8. by   ProperlySeasoned
    Why resist the refresher course? It sounds like something you clearly need.
  9. by   dreamsdocometrue15
    hi, I also grauated 2 years and going on 3years and cant seem to pass NCLEX. I'm on my 3rd trial, wishing to pass this time. We will pass so dont lose hope okay!
  10. by   LhetzP
    @Mavrick BSN RN, I appreciate your input but you did not give info about my question. I'm sorry if I said graduated an RN....pardon me but as a licensed RN you know what I mean. I should have said graduated from the nursing program. Yes I'm not a licensed RN and thanks for dropping a bomb I already feel defeated as it is.

    @ProperlySeasoned BSN/RN I'm not resisting the refresher course, I just don't have the money. I just need
    Advice from anyone who knows more about this situation than I do. I'm having a hard time finding an RN preceptor as well. I have to put time and money in this. The AZ BON has a list of approved RN refresher courses. I found South Dakota and is the lowest cost so far but If I could retake nclex in another state without a refresher course then is Practical and cheaper.

    Please no negative comments. For people that didn't fail NCLEX-RN twice you have no idea so spare me the negativity. It is difficult already and I have lost so much including my home since I had to quit because I wanted to focus in the nursing program. Everyone is different and each of us has our own path but please I don't need to hear negative replies. Thank you kindly
  11. by   LhetzP
    Hello @dreamsdocomegrue15 thank you for letting me know I'm not the only one going through this. Did you have to take a refresher course? Please share
  12. by   niorock
    I am pretty sure you can apply to NY and don't need to take the refresher..the NY application is really easy..
  13. by   gizahon
    Hi there,

    So sorry to hear it. I know the feeling, but stay positive and don't give up. God has a plan for you and you will pass. Keep practicing questions and try UWorld. Best wishes and please let me know when you pass.
  14. by   LhetzP
    @niorock I read that too but on an older post. I will have to call or look up. I wish someone could give a breakdown that they went through the same situation as me and able to test in another state without taking a refresher course. Thx