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  1. Hi there JaceLucien, Stay positive and study hard. I also failed my first attempt at 75 questions and was devastated. Practice as many questions as possible. When doing so, don't just memorize but try to really understand each question. Good luck and you can do it!
  2. gizahon

    Good Pop Up 4th try

    Congrats! I really admire your perseverance. I'm sure that it has been a tough road for you. I know it was a long one for me. Best wishes with you career!
  3. gizahon

    New grad, no experience

    Congrats and best wishes to you!!!!
  4. gizahon

    questions about NCLEX & preparation

    Hi there, I understand your nervousness and frustration about NCLEX. I failed my first attempt but passed my second. From my own experience, I can advise you to do as many practice questions as possible. Read every single rationale and make sure it make sense to you. Good luck!
  5. gizahon

    Feeling like an incompetent nurse

    Hi there dterra, I can relate to you as I'm a new nurse also. I get yelled at by patients, aides and even doctors sometimes. Just hang in there and be strong. Don't let mean and negative people get to you. That's just life. There are good and not so nice people out there.
  6. gizahon


    Stay positive and best wishes! You will do great my friend!
  7. gizahon

    Did he pass?!?

    Best wishes and let us know!!!! stay positive
  8. gizahon

    Kaplan Vs. NCLEX

    Hi there, Don't worry about the scores on Kaplan. Read rationales and understand them. I didn't find Kaplan useful either. We're all different and learn differently. Best wishes!!!
  9. Hi there, So sorry to hear it. I know the feeling, but stay positive and don't give up. God has a plan for you and you will pass. Keep practicing questions and try UWorld. Best wishes and please let me know when you pass.
  10. gizahon

    Pass NCLEX 8th time

    Congratulations! I admire your strength, strong will, determination and perseverance.
  11. gizahon

    NCLEX Exam

    Hi there sianee, Did you pass? Best wishes!
  12. gizahon

    Pass NCLEX 8th time

    Congratulations on passing and not giving up! Your story is inspirational!
  13. My friend is in the same situation. She studied abroad and wants to work in California, but have a license in Nevada.
  14. Hi there lemoj, If you have a license in another state, do you still have to take NCLEX in CAlifornia???
  15. gizahon

    2nd attempt tomorrow, 5/11/2017

    Good luck!!! May God bless you and direct you to the wright answers.