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  1. NCLEX RN Experience- Never Give Up

    Congratulations!!..Well deserved!!.. I looked out the Avenir Solution Review and It costs an astounding 4500.00, this is the most expensive review I have heard of, you were very lucky you could afford it!
  2. Has anyone ever used this review program?

    Hello...I see recommended everywhere the same programs that have been established and have been proven to work.. 1-UWorld ( used, great) 2-Hurst (used, the best for content) 3-Kaplan (used, did not work for me) 4-Mark Klimek( have...
  3. Computer Adaptive Testing Practice Programs?

    I have heard good things about Platinum Tests NCLEX Simulator(Platinum Educational Group)... it has 3800 question bank and it is a $90 one time fee and it works like the boards, you don't get rationales just how you are doing in the different areas.
  4. Failed 2nd take NCLEX-RN exam. Can't move on! HELP!!!

    I would definitely recommend HURST for content review, they are the best...for practice questions and content reinforcement Uworld is the way to go...Good Luck!!!!
  5. HELP!!! What nclex material to use?

    if you need content HURST is awesome..Kaplan did not work for me(content wise)
  6. NCLEX - Pass in 75 Questions

    Congratulations!!!!!...hopefully I can do the same too..
  7. Failed my NCLEX

    Kaplan did not work for me, it focused too much on strategies instead of content..Uworld rocks for questions and content but if you need more content, Hurst is awesome
  8. Ran out of time nclex....pvt worked

    It is good to know there is hope if you run out of time..Congratz on passing!!!!
  9. Passed in 85-95 Q's, used Kaplan & NCSBN

  10. NCLEX PVT trick failed

    Sorry to hear that...take a break and get back to study hard..if you need content I suggest Hurst and for practice questions definitely Uworld.
  11. Recommend NCLEX RN review

    For content I recommend HURST and Uworld for questions..that is a lethal combination to demolish the nclex
  12. I passed NCLEX with 75 question. How?

  13. Kaplan Questions harder than the actual NCLEX?

    If you are doing well on the test you should be seeing a lot of SATA...I got like 30 SATA from my first 75 questions alone, if you don't see may SATA, that means you are not doing good..
  14. Taking test on 7/6 and VERY anxious

    Good Luck!!!!!!
  15. NCLEX Review

    For content review I suggest Hurst and the saunder's book..for questions definitely Uworld.