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As I was looking on the computer for the different states that let nurses work as graduate nurses I came across this website. I took the test 45 days ago and failed at 120ish and just took it again... Read More

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    Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!

    :smiley_aa :smiley_aa :smiley_aa
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    Congratulations! That's awesome. Must feel good.
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    [font="comic sans ms"]congratulations fellow nurse we both tested on thursday and i've been hoping and praying that you passed too! i'm so glad your stress is finally behind you, and now you can look forward to beginning your practice as a nurse!

    although i live in fl, i grew up in ma, so we're practically neighbors too! :d

    go out now and do something wonderful for your deserve it!

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    Congratulations!!!!! That is awesome!
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    Quote from hershey4
    As I was looking on the computer for the different states that let nurses work as graduate nurses I came across this website. I took the test 45 days ago and failed at 120ish and just took it again this morning. I've been crying all day. I studied my little heart out and got up to 90. This feels like torture, while I know that their are worst things in the my small world it feels like the end of it. The scariest part is if I do fail I'm not sure if I have the strength to pick myself up again and study AGAIN. Also this is almost making me want to be a nurse becuase it seems so difficult. I like to plan out evreything I have a job, an apartment now all I need is to read the words PASS. I'm glad I came across this website because I felt very alone. Almost all of my friends from nursing school have passed so it makes me feel so stupid. Anybody know anybody that passed or failed at 90? Also does anybody know of the states that offer nurses to work as graduate nurses? Do you think they will hire you after have failed the nclex?? I need some type of job!
    i would like to tell you that you are not alone .. i myself also am a victim of nclex failure.. well im steeping up and taking my test next week for lvn.. im in california and i believe that you can work as a nursing assitant but you would need to apply for the certification. you are not alone. just keep retaking it. i failed it 4xs and still dedicate to reviewing.. i just need confidence. dont feel down.. you can always write to me. i felt like that also..oooh but im so used to it by now.. it doesnt even hit me anymore.
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    Praise God! Our prayers were answered, congratulations nurse!:smiley_aa
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    stressing about your test okay? I'm writing you since I was JUST that same person last thursday-and it only makes it all worse! Before I wrote the NCLEX i read many threads on what the number of questions means (if you write 75 or 265), difficulty of questions, or whether the person who monitors the test gives you a certain "wink" or smile at the end-obviously indicating that you passed. well, as a THIRD TIME WRITER OF THE NCLEX NONE OF THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!! okay? You hear? Don't believe ANY of this nonnense that you will read on this site, becuase a lot of it isn't true. The first time i failed, i wrote 75 questions and my friend wrote 265. I failed=she passed. My questions seemed pretty easy too, so i was devestated that i failed. My second time around was brutal-i wrote 163 questions-and the rest explains itself. MY THIRD time writing, was the worst and the best. It's the test you go through with TONS of hard questions, and then EASY questions (thinking then.......why the hell hasn't this test ended), and then they'll go on to give a bunch of mechanical ventilation questions to REALLY make me lose it...and then with all of that-it took me 5.5 hours to write 265 questions. And you know what? I passed. So really, don't stress-numbers mean nothing. TAKE YOUR TIME and breath during the test. take your required breaks and eat and PB&J sandwhich. Write down all your lab values at the beginning. the moderators at the vue centers know NOTHING about your results. trust me-they're being paid to sit there. and like many other tests that are also given at the same time as the nclex- (i.e. dental exams) THOSE guys get a print out at the end of the day stating whether they have passed or failed. but the nclex doesn't-so just write it and leave. Anyways, the girl beside me wrote 176 questions and i'm sure that she passed too becuase she looked super smart and she did it pretty quick. So there you go. GOOD LUCK!!!!!
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    Congrats, Hershey4, RN!!!!
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    Did you get any results as yet.