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I took the NCLEX exam today and it was terrible. Everytime I would read a question I would think, that is a no brainer, this is what needs to happen. Without fail, the answer I wanted was never... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Best thing to do is get out, distract yourself whilst waiting. Catch up on stuff

    Good luck
  2. by   olympus_15

    i'm a mexican r/n , i worked for 14 years in er , and let me tell you that nclex is an alien hospital.........very very hard.
    i didn't think i pass because i didn't finish it, but i passssssssss!!!!!!
    i got 188 questions and i run out of time. i had 12 all that apply. it was very hard test. i listening 12 videos, 2 1/2 books and over 4000 questions

    my score...
    trainer 1= 46.67 second time= 61.33
    2= 37.33 second time = 61.33
    3= 47 82
    4= 55.33
    5= 52
    6= 48.5

    i'm very very happy!!!!!:chuckle
  3. by   olympus_15
    Thank so much ....I passed .
    Now I need to endorse my Ca license to Tx.
    I don't know the procedure to do it . I 'm calling them ( TX BON ) but the phone is always busy. I can go on line and send my information, but how about my fingerprints and my picture?????
    It is anybody can help me !!!! with this information PLEASE
    I'm not working and I need to do my paperwork first !!!
    Thank you!!!!
  4. by   mommymo
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]hi guys!! i am so thankful and relief reading all the experiences of other people, I took the exam feb 27 and its already march 05, i tried checking my name at brn, i have ssn im foreign grad, i just want to ask if it is a reliable site to determine that u pass or fail? thanks guys!!
  5. by   caliotter3
    Since the BRN is the authority that issues the license, they are the reliable source of your official results. Do not know who else you would be getting reliable results from.
  6. by   mommymo
    Thank you so much for the reply ! More power to you!!!
  7. by   Propanolol
    Hi all, I took the boards today. Down with a terrible headache just thinking 'bout how it all went down. Infection control, lots of prioritization and "who do you assess first" questions, few select all that apply as well. Had settled in for 265 questions when it shut down at 129. On all kaplan, ATI comprehensive prep tests etc, I been able to keep my scores above 65% going in except for one or two 62 and 63s. I must say this though, the nclex-rn board exams is nothing like all those prep tests out there. It certainly was challenging! At 129 questions? What do y'all think? Thanks
  8. by   2brn09
  9. by   Propanolol
    Only took it today so results won't be available till another two days. Whats the PVT trick? Do not know how to go about it.
  10. by   Propanolol
    Really do hope I make it. The waiting game would be painfully difficult to bear nonetheless
  11. by   Propanolol
    I PASSED THE BOARDS!! Still yet to believe this is all real... everything's yet to sink in, way too exhausted to celebrate... so many emotions.. Just want to say thanks to all the nurses on the blog here for your support. Finally got my wings... now I can fly.

    Cyrille. MPH, BSN, RN
  12. by   aumapa
    congratulations to you... i also just found out that i passed nclex and i can feel you. Go ahead and fly,,, we shall meet in the airs.

    Thanks to those who explained the pearsonvue trick... i can confirm to everyone who is in doubt, that the trick works. cheers.
  13. by   nucjoe76
    You are 1000% right. The PVT works without a shadow of a doubt. I was a skeptic because I knew that I FAILED the exam 1000% but when I went home, I did the PVT and got the good popup. Waited EXACTLY 49 Hours later and it said I PASSED. So it doesn't LIE. Thanks for everybody's input.