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So, I finally feel I should not give up......I will be a retaker for 2nd time in December. I felt so low when I failed the test in July'07. I was thinking to take in october but just couldnt get... Read More

  1. by   w100jun
    I'm doing Suzanne's plan too. I'm taking NCLEX December.
    I know we can do it! Pray hard! God is good! Believe in him and study hard.
  2. by   WAstateRN
    I am taking test in december too. I am almost done with Cardiovascular system. I am practicing from Saunders book. Lets pray and yes we can do it.
  3. by   WAstateRN
    Hey you december test takers.....I found an awesome site.

    Practice free questions here.
  4. by   Born-In-The-USA
    Here is another site where you can practice ECG Rhythms.........for all my fellow december test takers:Santa3:
  5. by   Born-In-The-USA
    There are only four students taking test in december........LOL
  6. by   lvlytxn
    Quote from Born-In-The-USA
    There are only four students taking test in december........LOL
    Me, TOO!!! I just didn't want to jinx myself by revealing the date since I'm not even sure I'll be ready. But, I've been reading along finding the support and encouragement I need.

    It's been 8 long years since I've tested! I have been studying since June but somedays it's hard to find that extra push. I study and study but feel like I'm getting nowhere. I read ALL of the Saunder's book and currently working on the CD. I just finished the 5 wk NCSBN course where I scored in the 60-70% range. Not too great, I guess. But, I haven't spent the last 6 months buried in the books to not go through with this!
  7. by   Born-In-The-USA
    Welcome......... You can do it, keep a positive attitude is the first thing to do.
  8. by   emmsha
    I plan to take my exam in december too. Just like lvlytxn, I really don't want to reveal my date yet, but looking towards 1st or 2nd week in december. My original date was november 19th, but cancel that date. I did kaplan before, but it did not work for me. Now I am doing question on saunders cd, using study mode. I am using kaplan qbank and video which i have gone over and over again, but my kaplan membership will expire on the 15th of november long before i test. I love saunders very much and i use it more, and kaplan their questions, as it is more similar to the real exam.
    The november group has being doing good so far and i love their motivating spirit. I read their thread everyday to get motivated. I pray that December group will do good too and pass the exam.
  9. by   MSUCal
    Can't hurt thinking ahead. KEEP YOUR SPIRITS UP, December group!
  10. by   cash
    I did not pass but I have not given up. I am broken, but I'm here. I know that God did not bring me this far to leave me. I will take the test as many times as possible to pass. I will most probably take it again in December after the holidays of the first of the year. I have not decided yet. I started studying about week after I failed. I was numb and could not do anything but I have snapped out of it and I am back on the studying track.
  11. by   boniesha2300
    I;m taking it on Dec 17th
    Prayers and study Prayers and study!!!!:spin:
  12. by   Born-In-The-USA
    I will be giving mine on Dec 21st at 8am. :spin:

    Yes guys, lets pray for each other and study harder. I am using suzanne's plan. I finished CV, Endocrine. I am on GI now :spin:
  13. by   wizard100
    I will take mine on 14th. Fingers crossed and need the blessings.
    Lets help each other out and encourage.