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  1. lvlytxn

    Grad. BSN 4 yrs. ago, 3 mos. NCLEX-RN study enough?

    You all can beat this test! I graduated in '99 and failed once. Life happens. Long story short...I took the NCLEX for the second time in April '08, after 9 months of INTENSIVE studying and passed with 75Qs. If I can do it, y'all can too!!
  2. I graduated in '99, failed the NCLEX once and never retook it until April '08. Luckily, I passed! I felt like I forgot everything too. I started from scratch and studied for an intense, extremely dedicated and long 10 months. Start with Saunders. Read the Priority, Delegation and Assignment book by LaCharity. The NCSBN course was so-so. Kaplan Q's are good and very similar to NCLEX. You just have to set your mind to it and get to work! Best of luck!
  3. lvlytxn

    8 yrs. ago, I failed the NCLEX, this year...

    Oh yeah, I forgot about the NCSBN. I worked through that too after I read Saunders. It was a good review having just read up on everything. It's not expensive and it gives you questions too. They seemed easier than the Kaplan Q's. NCLEX Q's are VERY similar to Kaplan.
  4. lvlytxn

    Where do you get your CEUs?

    $31.95/yr for Unlimited CEU's at Rn.com
  5. lvlytxn

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    WOW!! I didn't realize how much good news I've been missing!! Congrats to Mave and Rizapride and any others who have recently passed!! And to those who haven't...Don't give up!!
  6. lvlytxn

    Expired LVN license 21 years ago.

    I never held a license but I failed the NCLEX once in '00, testing under TX board. Just this April, I took and passed the test under CA licensure. I am pretty sure that CA will allow you to test. I started studying months before I even knew if I would be allowed to re-test. The books were expensive. My time and effort put into preparing seemed endless. But it was all worth it in the end. Plus, $75 to have my application reviewed by the board seemed like peanuts, in regards to what I ultimately gained...my RN license!! GOOD LUCK!! You can do it too!!
  7. lvlytxn

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    Don't worry about your Kaplan scores. Remember I went in with a 59 on Question Trainer #7. I don't think I scored a 65% on any of them!! Know your content, practice SATA, know your standard, airborne etc. precautions, and know how to prioritize/delegate. You will be fine! GOOD LUCK!!
  8. lvlytxn

    taking test in May/June

    Saunders book. It is great for content. I've been out of school since '99. Just took the NCLEX-RN a couple of weeks ago and passed. You can too!!
  9. lvlytxn

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    Good LUCK to those of you testing this week!! I read a couple of posts from some of you testing this coming week and it's freaking me out...and I've already tested and passed!! I guess it's because it brought back all those scary and anxious feelings that I felt...thinking that I didn't know anything, getting horrible Kaplan scores, and not even remembering basic lab values. And guys, I just wanted to tell you that it will be ok!! Please don't reschedule. Please don't study 2 days before the test. It will shoot your anxiety up the roof making you "think" you don't know anything, flipping through pages of notes, doing question after question...and stressing when you don't get it right. STOP! You KNOW MORE than you think you do. Keep the FAITH and go in there determined to pass!!
  10. lvlytxn

    Do you remember me??? AmyD_RN???

    Amy, I read your story about a year ago. Thank you! As I've told you before, I took that first step because of you. You were really an inspiring force. And now, I too, am a RN!! For anyone, out there struggling through this process, it can be done!! Never let anyone tell you differently!!! God Bless, lvlytxn
  11. lvlytxn

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    Congrats genny0616!!! I had been away from the computer all day and just read the good news!!! How did your husband react? He didn't know you had tested, right? Best of luck on your new career!!!
  12. lvlytxn

    3rd time's a charm!

  13. lvlytxn

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    Congrats KANO!!!
  14. lvlytxn

    "How Did You Prepare For Nclex?" Questions...

    how many months since you started your review for nclex? 10, but it had been 8 years since i tested what's the date for your nclex exam? 4/2/08 how many hours per day did you study? 3-4 how many nclex questions did you answer per day? 100-200 is the nclex exam totally what you expected it to be? harder what nclex materials did you use for your review? saunders, ncsbn, kaplan complete, priority, delegation & assignment book self study or review center? do you have a study buddy? self-study, no study buddy but plenty of support and advice from allnurses what were your preparations the week before your nclex? re-read parts of saunders, practice questions, no studying 2 days before the test any good strategies that you used? i kept a notebook for the practice questions i got wrong. then i went and read up on that area. how many questions did u answer on the actual nclex exam? 75, passed topics that people should study for nclex... any things to memorize, etc... know your precautions, pgs 180-181 in saunders 3rd ed. any tips or advice? study hard but also take time to do other things. don't make yourself a prisoner to studying because you will burn out.
  15. lvlytxn

    April 2008 NCLEX test takers, COME ON IN!

    I'm praying for those awaiting their results and those who have yet to test. Good Luck!
  16. lvlytxn

    Has anyone passed w/o many SATA???

    While waiting for my own results, I found many, many posts on here where people had only 4-5 SATA's and passed. Your test seemed to have a little bit of everything so I think you can find comfort in that. Hope to hear you passed in a couple of days.