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  1. MSUCal

    75 Questions on Oct 18. still no results :(

    CONGRATS FEDERAL!! :balloons::balloons:
  2. MSUCal

    Nov test takers

    i knew it! we've been doing so well this month! :balloons:congratulations je_da! we're nurses! weee!:balloons:
  3. MSUCal

    75 Questions on Oct 18. still no results :(

  4. MSUCal

    December Test Takers Support Group

    Can't hurt thinking ahead. KEEP YOUR SPIRITS UP, December group!
  5. MSUCal

    Nov test takers

    KEEP HANGING IN THERE JE_DA! I have a good feeling, it's been a good week for November test takers so far!
  6. MSUCal

    Do nursing boards send you an approval?

    In Michigan, you just apply to the board, and provided that you're signed up and ready at PearsonVue, they will email the ATT when everything has gone through. I actually DID get a letter from the BON though, saying everything was a'ok, but it came after I had already gotten my ATT. :)
  7. MSUCal

    questions about quick results

    And CONGRATS ignorethiss!
  8. MSUCal

    questions about quick results

    It's actually 48 hours from when your time was. Or around there. I took mine at 9am and the results were available at 10am two days later. But sometimes it posts early, it looks like, since she got her results in 24 hours. I think mine was available in 24 hours the first time too. It just depends. If you log in on PearsonVue, it will continue to say "Your results are not available at this time" until they ARE available, then it will show you a link/button where you can purchase your quick results. Then it will ask for credit card information to charge the $7.50, and bring you to a screen that lets you know whether you passed or failed. Hope that helps!
  9. MSUCal

    2nd time was a charm

    CONGRATS! I just took my on Monday for the second time and passed too! We're RNs!!
  10. MSUCal

    Nov test takers

    REBMEM! CONGRATULATIONS!!! WE'RE RNs! It's a great feeling, isn't it? GO YOU!
  11. MSUCal

    Another Suzanne Fan!!!

    congratulations! i just passed, taking mine on november 5th, after using suzanne's plan too! it works! congrats rn! :balloons:
  12. MSUCal

    Nov test takers

    Silverdragon102: Thanks! PedNurse4Ever: Thank you! I used Suzanne's plan, with Saunder's, and NCLEX-RN Review Made Incredibly Easy for some extra questions. That's pretty much it. rebmem: Michigan. It was 49 hours on the dot (I was obviously checking, like, every five minutes past the 48 hour mark). Gotta love that Quick Result! Made my day for sure! Barbara7809: It's a GREAT feeling! And it gives me good feelings about everyone else taking the test too! WE'LL ALL MAKE IT! THINKING OF YOU REBMEM AND JE DA! I know it will be good news for you too!
  13. MSUCal


    I took the NCLEX for the second time this past Monday (November 5th) and just found out with my Quick Results that I passed. And I passed with 265 questions. So my advice is, DO NOT LOSE FAITH if you go past 75. I cried my eyes out when I got to the car, feeling for sure like I had failed. It's not over until it's over. Take ONE QUESTION at a time. 5 hours of constant question after question is hard on a person, so don't think otherwise. Take the breaks. I wish I had. I kept going, and I was losing focus at the end. So I definitely suggest that if you can, just TAKE a break and get up, stretch, clear your mind, get a drink of water, whatever it takes, just to get yourself refocused. I used Suzanne's plan, as well as Incredibly Easy for extra questions. I didn't do quite as many questions as I would have liked, and I really wish I had gotten something on prioritizing and delegating. I had a LOT of prioritization questions, a few select all that apply, three med calculations, and the rest is really just a blur. Suzanne's plan is great because it gives you a real, achievable goal and a way to pace yourself so you don't feel overwhelmed. Take time to RELAX. It's so hard to say, not so easy to do, but cramming the night before is NOT going to help. PACE YOURSELF. Make sure you do something fun and for yourself at least once a week. READ EVERY WORD OF THE QUESTION. Determine what it is asking, and what part of the nursing process it is addressing! I caught myself in that trap a couple times this time around, realizing it was asking one thing, and that all three answers except the right one addressed another. All in all... learning how the questions were worded and how to eliminate wrong answers served me better than trying to memorize material. If you have weak points, but all means study those, but spend a LONG time learning how the test is administered and how the questions are worded, and how answers will try to trick you. THAT is what helped me this time around. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!
  14. MSUCal

    Nov test takers

    I took my test on November 5th, just found out this morning that I PASSED! Passed with 265 questions! DON'T GIVE UP! It's not over until it's over! I freaked out when I got past 150, but I stuck it out and it paid off! It was my second time taking it, I did Suzanne's plan although I didn't finish quite as many practice questions as I'd hoped to do, but I passed nonetheless! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU TAKING THE TEST THIS MONTH! I'm praying for you!
  15. MSUCal

    I passed!

    Congratulations! I just found out I failed yesterday and have already ordered Saunder's 3rd edition to get started on Suzanne's plan since it seems to have worked for so many people here. I did a lot of moping around the web yesterday and last night, and decided I needed to get myself into shape. Seeing all the passing grades after using the plan on this sight really gives me hope. Congrats again!