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My school has us take the 3 hours ATI Predictor Test just before we graduate. The score I got according to ATI says that I have a 91% chance of passing the NCLEX. That isnt so bad for not studying. ... Read More

  1. by   Bree124
    Quote from Ms.SJnurse2b
    Thats excellent though. But yeah back to the thread. I scored like a 95% probability and I haven't taken my exam yet. But people that have taken there exam passed it. Since you got 75 questions you must have taken your RN. Maybe its different for RN and LPN, because I am doing it for LPN.
    Ah, yes - maybe that is the difference! Good luck on your exam!
  2. by   Ms.SJnurse2b
    Quote from Bree124
    Ah, yes - maybe that is the difference! Good luck on your exam!
    Yes, thank you!! I need the luck....lord knows I do!! This site and all the users on it has been a god send!! I am on here like everyday!! This is definately my new facebook!!
  3. by   HeartsOpenWide
    I got a 98% chance of passing. I passed the NCLEX the first time with 75 questions and it took me an hour and a half.
  4. by   medicrn16
    Took ATI predictor with 98% chance of passing NCLEX. Took NCLEX on September 11 and passed with 75 first time. Yes, it does absolutely focus on areas of greatest weakness. I thought it was a great program and studied it everyday until the exam. Good results. No, it isn't CAT...but you can't hide what you don't know. It will highlight them and give you special study content to master what you are weak in. Don't waste time studying what you already know (overstudying). Focus on your weakest areas. Good luck.
  5. by   jennifer23
    Ok, so am I understanding this correct....we are doing review now. We are going to take a predictor practice test and then the predictor the following day. It seems that most of your posts believe that if you pass the ATI with a 90 or higher than the chances are good that we will pass that right?

    I am terrified that I wont pass. I want to believe in ATI so any input would be greatly appreciated!!!
  6. by   iHealth
    Quote from Lindie
    I took the ATI predictor in August and got a 63, which meant I had a 68% chance of passing NCLEX on the first attempt. My school was against me taking the exam unless I had an 88% or above but I still scheduled the boards anyway. After studying for 2 months (not ATI, I did not find it helpful), I passed with 76 questions.

    I have around a similar score. I was enrolled in a 6 week virtual ATI class....but I'm very frustrated with it. It seems disorganized and overwhelming. However, I'm wondering if I will regret "walking away" from it, per se and just using my NCLEX books. My plan was to complete 200-300 questions per day and review everything that I didn't know...and believe me..there's a LOT that I do not know. What made you shy away from the ATI?
  7. by   9livesRN
    I had either 97% or 98% of chances of passing first time.

    Took the NCLEX - had 75 questions, was in at 7.50AM and out at 8.50AM took me an hour, including the tutorial.

    ps. Guys I was paranoid with the time thing, since some one here posted that NCLEX calculated how long it took you to answer the questions bla bla bla... so I got scared, what I did is read the questions twice, and read the answers, picked one and moved on! did not battle to decide... Although I would not recommend that to anyone...
  8. by   nicolekc
    I took the same predictor test and I received a 98%. I graduated from my program in December 2011 and I just took and passed my NCLEX-PN in mid March with very little studying. Actually, I used old ATI codes to take the comprehensive practice test a few times and that is about it. Even though I passed, I strongly suggest studying. If only for peace of mind. My NCLEX shut off at 85 (the minimum) after a battery of Maternal/Child questions (not my strongest suit) and I was completely 100% positive I failed.

    I did the same thing as 9livesRN. I read the question, read it again, picked an answer and never looked back. It's the only way you wont be there for 5 hours. But then again being out in an hour also contributed to my sense of doom....

    Oh and btw, I loved ATI. It helped me prepare for boards better than anything else. The format is the same and the priority questions really give you a sense of what to expect. Just my opinion.