advise!!! nclex-RN considering nclex-PN

  1. Hi to members,

    I have taken the nclex-RN 3x and failed all 3, it was very devastating and no one to blame except me....trying to analyze what i did wrong just drives me crazy...
    so im talking to my dad which is also a nurse and he recommended why not i take the NCLEX-PN for now, try that route and maybe i can pass that offense to the PN takers, im not saying their exam is easier or that any nclex RN takers will pass that in flying colors, its just that i think i wanna consider doing that for my situation

    so checking the website i will be paying the same amount as if i was registering for the nclex-RN
    (CVS + NY application), the only difference is i can apply for an interim permit as an LPN (anyone pls correct me if im wrong).. im well aware that it would take 6-12mos for the whole process and believe me nothing in this world is easy..

    so here's my question:
    to those reading this thread, if you were me, after failing the RN exam so many times will you consider trying to take the PN exam first, then when you PASS, work, then somewhere down the line take he RN exam?

    Thanks in advance!!!
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  3. by   Flipz
    I am in a similar situation as you, I plan to my RN exam for my 3rd time late next month...hoping I pass this time BUT JUST IN CASE I was also considering the PN exam. I actually do hear it's much easier, from friends of mine that have bridged over they said the RN exam was wayyy harder, so I don't know! Atleast if you take the PN boards and pass you'll still beable to work as a nurse, just with a little less responsibilty but much better pay than a nurse tech, which is what I have to work as right now! What have you been doing (or have done) to prepare for the RN exam? What study material have you used??? Have you given yourself a break inbetween each time or did you jump back into it right after the 45 days??? I'm only asking because I just want to see how you've been preparing for the test each time.
    Well if you feel like this a good option for you and that you'll be more successful at passing then I say go for it, work as a PN for now but still be studying for your RN and take that again later on down the road. I wish you the best of luck in whichever decision you make. Just don't give up...I know I've wanted too several times but I know that I can't! I worked too hard for this degree and I want and WILL beable to use it! And that's the same for you, so don't give up no matter what...just keep pushing forward! Good luck
  4. by   2brichielpn08
    I just finished attending a review class in Chicago. I am a PN graduate and taking my exam this June. They told us there is not much difference anymore with the RN and PN Nclex. PN is getting harder to pass. Nclex is nclex its either you pass or not depends on your study and techniques. If I were you guys..i will just stick with your Nclex rN..they offer the same questions now in PN..not much difference...Just my opinion...
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    PN is totally different to RN and many have posted that they felt the PN was harder.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Every one of my classmates who took the PN test first, told me they thought it was harder than the RN test. But that could have been because it was their first experience with an NCLEX type test. I would continue to work on the RN test. If you can't pass it after six tries, then maybe consider doing the other. Good luck.
  7. by   adammRN
    The probability of passing goes down each time you take the NCLEX... So taking it many times doesn't make much sense...
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  8. by   xxkouxx
    thanks for all the husband also thinks i should keep doing the nclex-RN because thats what i studied for 4yrs but i wanted to try the interim permit for LPN, im not qualified for the RN one...i think the hospital setting would help me alittle plus studying with a better plan this time for atleast 3mos....

    what you all think???
  9. by   xxkouxx
    RE flipz response

    i did self review for the first two..just basically did questions...
    for the third one i did FEUER class for a week then did all the homework;;after that class i self reviewed again for 2mos before i took the nclex....

    there is something wrong with the way i do it, i need to think of a new way to review for this nclex PN or RN.... i wasted so much years and money..i cant afford to fail again....its devastating and sometimes i even think its not meant for me but what can i do...i started this so i wanna finish it with a license....
  10. by   Meriwhen
    Quote from xxkouxx
    to those reading this thread, if you were me, after failing the RN exam so many times will you consider trying to take the PN exam first, then when you PASS, work, then somewhere down the line take he RN exam?

    Thanks in advance!!!
    I think that in many states, you can't just sit for whatever exam you want--you have to actually graduate from a PN program in order to take the NCLEX-PN (and likewise, graduate from an RN program to take the NCLEX-RN). So check with your state's BON to see if taking the PN exam as an RN-program graduate is possible where you live.
  11. by   tljh319
    I failed NCLEX-RN 16 years ago after the birth of quadruplets and a divorce. I am now wanting to take the NCLEX-PN...hopefully pass it, work as an LPN under an RN for a while and then later take NCLEX-RN. After speaking with N.C. State Board of Nursing, I can not take a refresher course because you have to have once been licensed, but I can take a review course and take either NCLEX-RN or PN anytime. There is no law in NC that says there is a limit to a time that you can take boards.i am hoping that the NCLEX-PN will be easier. Does anyone know of an interactive computer review for NCLEX-PN? Thanks..
  12. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    I can see that the original poster is a foreign grad. I've also noticed that a lot of foreign grads seem to take the PN first and then the RN. Why is that? Anyway, if all you're doing is questions and answers that may be the reason why you're not passing the NCLEX-RN. Try reading up on those NCLEX books that have a comprehensive review because it is separated by system, and then do the questions and answers at the end. Use the cd-rom disc that comes with it. I used Saunders NCLEX-PN Comprehensive Review & Questions & Answers book. I found Saunders to be very easy compared to what they asked on NCLEX. I also used Kaplan Test Taking Strategies and that seemed to help me a lot more. I just wish Kaplan had books with 1500 questions or more to study with. I've heard that Prentice Hall book is pretty good. I've also heard that Lippincott (sorry if I mispelled it) is more like NCLEX style questions. Good Luck and hope this helps
  13. by   Silverdragon102
    I haven't noticed many foreign nurses take PN as for immigration PN is not enough, mainly you will see RN and the ones taking PN means they are already in the US with a valid immigrant visa
  14. by   Pedsnurze
    Take NCLEX-RN you studied under RN program. Graduated. You are meant to become RN.