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Crazy! I never would have thought that the nursing boards could take less then an hour and only be 75 questions. It wasn't bad taking it either. The drug questions were awful because I... Read More

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  2. by   wahala
    waooooooo you are awesome congratulations.............................in 45min u just made history am optimistic i will pass, am working on the priorities.
  3. by   danh3190
    Quote from nursing4nena
    I took my NCLEX on Tuesday and my computer stopped at 75 as well, do you think then that this number sounds promising?
    I took longer than you, I took one hour and a half (slow reader). But I'm hoping for the best. Let me know what you guys think. My theory on this one is if I wasn't doing well, then the computer would've kept asking questions right?
    The little brochure from the Pearson people said that the conclusion that you can draw from 75 questions is that you aren't near the line. I think more people are way above the line than way below it and that's why most seem to pass with 75 questions. Good luck.
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  5. by   nursing4nena
    OMG I passed!!!!!!!
    Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement.
    I truly believe that with 75 questions you have a better chance of passing.
    This morning I checked the website and there was my name. I couldn't believe it.
    I can't wait to start out this new chapter in my life.
    Sick people here I come......
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  7. by   morte
    my kinda test taker!!!! and congrats....!!!