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  1. BettyBoo706

    75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    is 75 really just a number?
  2. BettyBoo706

    I passed!!!!

  3. BettyBoo706

    so question....the ever elusive LINE

  4. BettyBoo706

    I can have my life back!

  5. BettyBoo706

    I did terrible at my KAPLAN diagnostic testA!

    I did mine last thursday and wil be getting my results back today. Yea I feel like I did horrible also. But at least I will know where stand that was a hard test I have to admit
  6. BettyBoo706

    I passed NCLEX-RN w/75 questions

  7. BettyBoo706

    God Is So Good....i Passed The Nclex

  8. BettyBoo706

    I can now use RN!!!

  9. BettyBoo706

    its unbelievable i PASSED with 75q

  10. BettyBoo706

    Mommy with a 4 mos baby need a study PLAN to PASS NCLEX

    I know it can be difficult with a child maybe you could listen to some audio content on a ipod or cd player. This could free up your hands and eyes if you have to be up and about. There is a link here on the forum to the feur neclex review maybe you could download it. Best of luck and remember practise tons of ques with rationales slow and steady, like the saunders CD. Once again best of luck.
  11. BettyBoo706

    Failed Nclex-RN. PLEASE help me!

    Sorry to hear you failed I am doing the Kaplan review and I think its great. Best of luck next time
  12. BettyBoo706

    Failed NCLEX RN

    really sorry to hear about this this heart goes out to u but some people recommend that you do like 2000+ ques befor the exam. Best of luck on retaking the test
  13. BettyBoo706

    Failed NCLEX RN

    I am doing kaplan review and saunders
  14. BettyBoo706

    Omg I Passed!!!!

  15. BettyBoo706

    Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. BettyBoo706

    Alot of SATA on my NCLEX

    I thought a lot of SATA was a good sign? Goodluck guys