75 questions and 49 long hours later

  1. I can't believe it and it is all over now. I just checked my result 10 minutes ago and I passed! I took it on Saturday afternoon @ 2:40pm, and got the result around 4:5pm on Monday. I got a lot, I mean A LOT of meds questions, and I hate meds. So glad it is over. Thank God for everything!
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    Congratulations new RN!!
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    :roll :Melody: congratulations to you .. i bet you feel so great and relieved. i wish i can feel like that soon.. oh.. shish. i bet u are relieved.. great news ..
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    :mortarboard: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    I'm looking forward on oct.12th for the 3rd time...:uhoh21:

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    by God's grace, i'm looking forward to sharing the same wonderful news when i take my nclex this december.. congratulations to the new RN!
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    Congratulations...so happy for you. Hope i could experience the joy of having passed the nclex soon. GOD bless. please share tips you think will be halpful for us who will take the exam. ill be taking the test on december 2006.tnx.:wink2: :wink2:
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    Hi Loved!
    I love to hear your news! Hallelujah! Congratulations nurse!
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    Congratualtions to you!!! :smiley_aa
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    Congrats! Good work!
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    definitely! here is my little contribution to this site. i love this site and it is this site that gives me so much support and great information.

    i finished my nursing program on aug. 22nd. i got my att on september 13th. between aug. 22nd and sep. 13th, i spent about 5 hours a day doing questions at the end of each chapter of saunders’ book. between 13th and 23rd i spent about 10-12 hours a day studying. i first scheduled my test to be on 27th thinking two weeks of preparation should be enough. then i rescheduled it to be on 26th, and then 29th, and many other times in between. i was kind of paranoid and so not sure if i was ready. once i heard one of my class mate passed it on 22nd , i immediately scheduled my test to be on 23rd. i went to the testing center to take a look at the night of 22nd night. and on the day of 23rd i got to the center 30 minutes earlier. the people working there were very nice and they let me take the test 20 minutes before the scheduled time.

    i did not finish all kaplan’s testing questions. i finished the first 5 sets, and my results were: 57%, 56%, 56%, 58%, and 65%. the quizzes i took on ncsbn were around upper 50s and mid 60s range.

    i do have good testing skills and i was able to concentrate while i was taking my test. it took me much longer to finish 75 questions on that day. i usually only need less than 1 minute to answer one question. but i think it is a great idea to just take your time and read the question carefully, then write down something you know about the drug, disease, or whatever situation on the white board, then go back to read all the answers.

    good luck to everyone, hope this helps, and whenever i think about anything else i will come back to post.
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    CONGRATS!!!!! :smiley_aa