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I am born in vienna, live there at the moment ant want to move to florida 2005!

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  1. for GREEN CARD

    oh no, it is not so bad, but the weather is not really nice... I'm working only on ICU and so it's ok, but I still miss florida..... happy hollidays elfchen
  2. retrogression and NCLEX expires

    hey @all!!! my question ist: when the congress decide to open the visas for this year, and it start's in april, and you (maybe) get your paperwork done in october, in the meantime, my allready passed NCLEX exam expires!!! becouse the FBN told m...
  3. I-140 Visa??? FOREIGN NURSES!!!

    hello @ all!!:welcome: I passed all exam's CGFNS,TOEFL and NCLEX. then I had 4 joboffer in miami and fort lauderdale. and one day before the hospital signed the paper's they changed the law in the US and right now, NO HOSPITAL can sponsering fore...
  4. Getting ready for the 3rd time ugghh

    hy there, I got it also on the 3rd run!!!! don't give up!!! you can beat the nclex-beast!!!!!!!!!! think positive!!!! best wishes and good luck elfchen, RN
  5. Board of nursing - License

    Thank you so much!!!! okay, now I know, that the FL borad of nursinf need extra day's.... my name is not on the list.... but, I know, that I passed, from the quick result.... :mortarboard: :mortarboard: :mortarboard: :mortarboard: :nurse...
  6. Board of nursing - License

    hello@all! I passed the Nclexbeast after the 3rd try, and it was not so hard, as I was thinking..... mayby I was really good prepared.... (mosby, saunders,......) so, now my questin is, where I can find my name with the new license on the borad...
  7. ...and the winner is.....

    :nurse: :nurse: elfchen,rn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nurse: :nurse: i passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after my 3rd visit at the pearson vue center!!!!!!! don't give up!!!! ipassed, i can't believe it....... :biggringi kisses elfchen
  8. still waiting and getting anxious

    hello, I´m also a member of the "waiting club"....... I wish you god luck and all the best!!!! keep me posted!!! and try to calm down ( ) I know, how tat sound´s.... elfchen
  9. 3rd time, now waiting.......

    hy@all! I took nclex today, it cut of, at 75 questions, I got only priority questions and infection prevention, one math and 3 med questions..... first I felt only, okay, now it´s done, but now i´m getting really scared.... becouse my hole life...
  10. Today is the day!!!

    hey, you are not allone, today I' will go for the 3rd time!!! I'm still scared, but I slept well and eat fish..... so, I hope that will help.... I let you know.... THANKS for all of you for your ecouragment!!! elfchen
  11. Big Day Tomorrow!

    hy thread, my fingers are crossed for you!!! be calm and focused, than you will have no problem's..... wish you luck and confidence... elfchen
  12. Nclex Tommorow!

    hello there, my fingers are crossed for you and I will also pray!!! My big day is on thursday...... all the best on your way... elfchen
  13. Bloom"s Taxonomy?????

    Hy, sorry, it's me again, but my nerves are getting more and more crazy...:sofahider today i did Qtrainer 6 +7 and I got only 59 & 55% .... but it contains on the interpreting your scores, that when you are good in the application and ana...
  14. freaking out.......

    hy@all! thank you so much for your support!!!! I read all your postings and start crying..... you gave me the hope inmyself.............. THANK YOU @ ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!:thankya: I will keep going and beat the monster.... keep you posted...
  15. freaking out.......

    hy@all! i'm looking forward for the 3rd time of my nclex history on oct, 12th and i'm studying and today I got only 43% of the NClex kaplan question trainer test...... I'm so depressed, I can't even tell ................. what is wrong with m...