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  1. loved

    Grounded theory

    Thank you for your reply. I like your straight forward way of presenting these four often used approaches by listing their underlying question. I do have my research question before I considering a method. It is topic that not being studied enough and it is about a health care process. It would be nice to have a mentor to guide me through the process. However, at this stage, I think I have the tools to explore something I am not too familiar with by myself. Just done some studies on grounded theory. Now I understand that it is not a "theory" by traditional definition; instead, it is more a process of generating a new theory based on the data collected. Just like most other qualitative approaches, it is more inductive in nature. Now, I think the challenge of using grounded theory would be how to present the relatively complex and "messy" process of coding (how to put three steps--open, axial, and selective together). Will start doing reading on actual studies now.
  2. loved

    Grounded theory

    Thank you for your reply. No, it is not a test question. I am interesting in doing a qualitative study. I would like to use intensive interview as a way collecting my data. Having a research background in sociology, I don't remember we talked too much about grounded theory and phenomenology. Just wondering where it fits and how much reading I should do to have enough knowledge to conduct my study. A related question, after reading some qualitative studies in nursing, it seems to me that they only mentioned grounded theory in the section of the data analysis--is grounded theory a theory used for conducting data analysis most of time? Thanks!
  3. loved

    Grounded theory

    Is grounded theory the most often used one in qulitative nursing research?
  4. loved

    Help Need Research proposal and critique

    You can actually access it through: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed It is open to the public.
  5. loved

    Help Need Research proposal and critique

    Have you tried Medline?
  6. loved

    Questionaire Design

    Dear Sharrie, First of all, you need to decide what kind of research you are going to conduct, either quantitative or qualitative. Based on what I have read, it looks more like a qualitative study. If that is the case, you would like to conduct some kind of intenstive interview. If so, the questionnaire for intensive interview will have more open-ended questions and you might have to come out with new questions while you are conducting your interview. If you decide to do a quantitative study, most questions included in your questionnaire will be close-ended questions. And you will need a large sample size (at least 50), utilizing a random selection process to ensure you to apply statistical techniques to analyze your data. Having said that, I think you might want to do some literature review and see what other researcher approach this issue and hopefully, you might see the details of your questionnaire and get some more specific ideas. Good luck, let me know what you think.
  7. Dear ART, Thank you for giving us update. My husband's case is quite complicated. We did get an interview notice and we went (last week). The one interviewed us did not read my husband's file at all. He was not really sure what was going on with my husband's case and he said he needed more time and maybe more info to make a decision. So we are still waiting. Will let you know if there is any news.
  8. I have the same issue as yours. I got mine on 7/17/07, but my spouse still has not received his. Please keep up updated. I will do so too.
  9. Oh...I see. Now I understand. It seems every hospital has openings for RNs, but they don't really respond to on-line applications. Even for experienced RNs. Maybe I should just be more patient.
  10. Good point! Do hospitals hire summer help for RNs? Anyway, I don't really see any job fair going on and most hospitals do not accept drop in interview at the mean time they don't give response to on-line application. Is any hospital in NYC hiring right now?
  11. I am wondering which month is the best month to look for a job in New York City. Which month is the one that most hospitals are looking for people? Or is most likly to find a position. I am thinking maybe August or September might not be a good time because most of the new graduates are out and the market might be too crowded. Then would December of January be better? What do you think?
  12. loved

    NYP Uptown Location

    Can you tell me what kind of critial care?
  13. loved

    should i wait for 3 more months?

    thank you! you guys provide great advice! people at my job are fine and i don't really feel it is terribly unsafe to work there. it is just that the unit is very much disorganized (we don't have a head nurse and senior nurses don't back up for new nurses when other people (such as mds and anybody else) pointing fingers at us) and i feel that i learn enough there already. it won't be too hard for me to tough it out for a year. it is just i many times feel that i am like a machine, work, work, and work. going to work is not exciting any more, and my work is not appreciated by anyone. (for example, there was a huge storm the other day, i was the only one who got to work on time and other people were one hour or two later than me to get to the unit. however, nobody said a thing about it (nobody from the nursing office or even people working at my unit. it seemed to me that i was actually a fool to leave an hour earlier to just try to get there on time.) anyway. the unit i work at is a sub-acute unit. i would like to work at an icu or emergency department. don't think working at my current unit will prepare me too much for working at icu or ed, however, having one year of experience seemed is the minimum to be considered as an "experienced nurse" when looking for a new job, that is why i am wondering if i should stay for three more months or just leave now.
  14. loved

    should i wait for 3 more months?

    I have been working at my current job for about 9 months. I wanna quit. I am wondering if I should wait for 3 months more so that I will have one full year of experience there. And when I change to another job elsewhere, I would be able to get the extra pay for one year of experience. I would like to know what other people do in situation like this. Thanks.
  15. loved

    Advance Parole......Lets Talk About It

    I just submit my request for a two weeks' of vacation. If it is approved by the nursing office, I will be using my AP in May as well. Good luck to everyone!
  16. loved

    AOS and EAD

    I-140 was approved on 12/12/06. Just done with classroom orientation.

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