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  1. bebe13

    Licensure by Endorsement from IL to IA

    I haven't been able to get in the forum lately... Anyway, thank you for the info. I appreciate the offer as well.
  2. I hope to move to and work as RN in Cedar Falls IA next month. When can I expect to receive the license after submission of complete requirements to IA BON? How fast does IA BON process an application? I will be moving with my husband and two kids (age 5 and 8). Can you please recommend a good location to rent an apartment? Important considerations for me are peaceful neighborhood and a nearby elementary school with great rating. Thank you for the help in advance :)
  3. bebe13

    Planning to take NCLEX without Hospital Experience

    Silverdragon is right. Based on recent visa bulletins, there is a 3-year wait for EB3 and while waiting you will be advised to get hospital experience. NCLEX pass is just the preliminary step for Health Carousel to start the petition. The petition is quite a long process and so gaining clinical experience can follow.
  4. bebe13

    Health Carousel/Passport USA

    Hi, I already signed the contract with them last April 2017. So far so good, they are fast in processing the requirements. I140 approved in early May 2017. Late last month, IV fee paid. I'll let you know of updates, if any.
  5. [COLOR=#000000]I would like to ask your opinion about the said agency. Anyone here who entered into contract with them recently? How was your experience with them? [/COLOR]
  6. bebe13

    New Mexico Licensure Question

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone here got to renew his/her NM license. I actually contacted the NM BON and here's the communication I had with them -- Question: I am a foreign RN license holder whose license will expire on 02/28/2009. Will I be eligible to renew it even without Social Security number and 30 hours of continuing education? Reply: You are required to have 30 hours of continuing education before submitting your renewal form. If you still have obtained a social security number you may still renew your nursing license. If it's of any worth though, I was able to renew my RN license with IDFPR (Illinois), even without SSS, through their online facility. That's why I'm thinking if this could also be possible for my RN license with NM BON. Be blessed :heartbeat
  7. bebe13

    Requirements to pursue Masters (BSN)

    Different universities have different admission requirements. UP-Manila requires a 1 year work experience. PWU does not. I suggest for your friend to inquire directly to the school she intends to enrol in.
  8. I believe that it is harder to pass the June NLE than the December. This is because the passing rate is determined by some statistical computation. Usually in the June NLE, there are more examinees, and also the products of UP, UST and other reputable universities (that do not allow Octoberian graduates) take that exam. With more competitive examinees, higher board ratings can be expected which then yields higher passing rate.
  9. No need to redo the license verification, just send the 2 certificates and you'll be ok. My other friend who is also in the same situation like ours did the same thing. I think it has become a requirement of CGFNS for our batch. batch.
  10. Hi there. I'm also a June 2006 passer who waived my license and passed the June 2007 NLE. Worry not. All you have to do is ask for a certificate of passing from the Stateboard Verification Counter of PRC. To be sure also, get a certificate from the Customer Service, Registration Division, stating that you waived your license and passed the June 2007 NLE. This is an additional requirement on top of the usual license verification form being sent out to CGFNS by the PRC. You need to pay P75 for each certificate. That is what I did and in 2 weeks time, I received my VSC. God bless!
  11. bebe13

    Good Nursing School in the Philippines

    Hi, I also held an engineering degree prior to my BSN. Anyway, it took me 3 years to finish BSN from Olivarez College in Paranaque. I know of someone who finished it at PWU-Manila in 2 years because of their trimester terms. I have no idea though about Arellano or UDMC. As a second courser, my school credentials met the US standards as evaluated by the CGFNS when they issued me the CES. Now, actually, I'm just waiting for the issuance of my Visa Screen Certificate. What I'm pointing is that you will be assured of meeting the US standards by those who already have a track record. You can also refer to CHED to check for the accredited program of the school you intend to enroll in. http://www.ched.gov.ph/hei_dir/index.html As for the reputation, it is a highly debatable matter so I leave that in your hand. All the best in your pursuit.
  12. bebe13

    are hospitals accepting 2nd courser RN??

    Yes, they do and that is based on my personal experience as a second courser. I also passed the June 2007 NLE (but originally, a June 2006 NLE passer). I don't think hospitals categorize their applicants by being a second courser or what. What is important to them is your credential, if you are trainable or not. That was what I was told when I was interviewed. The fact that there are just too many nurse-applicants gives hospitals the whim of implementing stricter screening process. For instance, among my 10 co-trainees, 3 graduated as cum laude. In my observation, a good PRC rating will also help land you a job. Actually, I'm older than you are and got hired as a staff nurse twice (as a June 2006 passer and then as a June 2007 passer). I suggest you work on boosting up your credentials - attend trainings, take up a master's degree, do volunteer work, etc. Actually, I have friends who are in your same situation. Two flew to Dubai, others opted to review for the NCLEX/IELTS, some are persistently applying for a job and some landed in call centers. All the best to you. Most often, prayers do help too. God bless. "In all your getting, get understanding." - Proverbs 4:7
  13. bebe13

    where did u buy saunders 4th edition??

    Try C&E Bookstore in Recto, Manila, beside UE. They also have a branch in QC, tel 928-7938, 928-1789, 735-3474. All the best in your review.
  14. bebe13

    Texas Service Center Tracker for I-140

    Just an update: I140 PD - July 11, 2007 Approval Date - January 28, 2008 Although there's nothing much to be thrilled about, nonetheless, thank God! At least we have something to look forward to.. Thanks to the members of this forum, especially suzanne and lawrence. You've truly been a big help. Be blessed more.
  15. bebe13

    Board Exams and Top 20's

    I tried asking for a Certificate of Ranking from the Board of Nursing because I believe I also landed in the top 20. I actually pleaded the secretary to give me a consideration as that will truly help me in my job application..but unfortunately to no avail. I was told that only those whose names appeared in the newspaper are given such certificate. I even insisted that I know of someone who was able to get one. The reply I got was, "that was before, now not anymore." Correct me if I'm wrong, I think the general weighted average ends in even decimal numbers only (such as 85.20, 85.40, and so on..) as they are divisible by 5, representing the 5 subjects in the NLE. Good luck in your job hunting! Anyway, there are other ways to prove that you are worthy of that job. God bless!
  16. bebe13

    Visa Screen Certificate / CGFNS

    Just an add-on to what Lawrence said for those who waived their June 2006 licenses: Aside from the usual license verification being sent by PRC to CGFNS, CGFNS also requires a letter confirming that you passed the June 2007 NLE. You can secure one from the State Board Verification Counter and the Registration Division/Customer Service.

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