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So I'm taking my pre-nursing classes right? One class is chemistry for health majors. I'm having the general part this semester (just STARTING organic stuff) and next semester it will be all organic and biochem (same class, 2 different semesters).

I had dreams of going to Loyola for their accelerated BSN program (which begins in May), but I'm failing chem 101. If I retake it next semester, I won't be able to apply to loyola until next year (if this happens, I would just relinquish to go to my current school's nursing program- UW-Milwaukee- if accepted).

I get tutoring, but that's not really helping. The TA basically goes over the test, quiz or whatever that is on the table. NOT the generalities and overall rules to help me with ANY problem.

I study everyday. So far, I'm liking the O-chem stuff (but ofcourse we just got started). There's only 1 more test left, the final exam. I must get an A or I will be back for more next semester.

Not to step on any toes or anything, I've even been considering some ADN programs in the area (which are not big on chemistry). The only problem with that is that some are longer than the traditional second degree program at uwm (i.e. like 2 and a half years, UWM's traditional second degree BSN program is 2 years)! Let alone the fact that I will be spending MORE time earning and LESS advanced degree. Then would have to spend MORE years to get the BSN (if I chose to do so). It's really crazy. If push comes to shove, I know I'll repeat the course instead of going to a longer program for a different degree.

I know everyone is pretty stressed right now, with finals and all, but I would appreciate any encouraging words, insights, advice, etc. I have NEVER in my life had a subject where I studied MORE but continued to fail... am I doomed?:stone


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I found that people who are good at math do well in chemistry. Those who struggle with math have a hard time with chemistry. If you have to retake chemistry, I would suggest getting some math tutoring. It can really make a difference.

Good luck!

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Can you find another tutor? One who will address the general laws? It seems to me that if you have a firm knowledge of the laws, you'll be able to ace the tests. I know at this late date that might be difficult. Do you have a learning lab in your school? We get chem tutoring free from the student learning center. They will answer questions. Also, do you have the opportunity to book time with the instructor?

I'm in an ADN program. I realize that upper division schools may not have the benefits available to community college students like free tutoring and small classes so please forgive me if I sound ignorant. In my first semester I took an introductory course that went over organic and biochem but we were expected to know the laws well enough to participate in class discussion and pass the exams. An intermediate algebra background was recommended. I only had basic algebra and got a B in the course.

Wishing you well, I don't have any other advice. Chemistry's a tough course.


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Have you talked to the professor about what is covered on the final? Explain your situation to her/him and get some suggestions on how to prepare.

Also, get a better tutor fast!

On more than one chem final I have had was exactly the same questions asked on previous tests. The prof may have changed some values but the questions were exactly the if it is cumulative, review and know how to do all the problems on the old tests. They love to ask questions that stumped us all the first time around :)

I know you can get the A if you work hard! Go for it :) & Good Luck!

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just thought that i would add to idea about math skills being key. i have so far only took the intro to health chemistry and got a b out of it (could have gotten an a but a family emergency cause me to leave the country midsemester for 2 weeks) anyway i was all set to hit chem 111 but am delaying it for 1 quarter to take intermediate algebra because all of the people that i have talked to that took chem 111 said they wished they would have taken a math refresher first. (algebra) So I'll see if this really helps when i start chem in spring!


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thanks guys. I've made my decision.

I'm going to work/ study like there's no tomorrow. Pass with a C and take the second half of the course (next semester) at a community college. It's very far from my house, but's it's something that I can accomplish.

I am determined to understand and pass chemistry! Hoping for a B for the second half at the community college!

Wish me well!:D


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Good luck :)

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Depending what your first bachelor's degree was for, you might not necessarily want to get another one in nursing. Are you planning on going into advanced practice/masters degree nursing? If so, most masters programs will accept you with an associates/RN and a non-nursing BA or BS.


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also don't forget you may find chemistry info online to help you ... I learned a lot online when my book didn't help. Just do a google search on whatever topic you are stuck on at the moment. You could also look for other books in the library if you don't like yours.

Some of my bookmarks:

(I used the hell out of the first 2 pages to quiz myself!!!) random multiple choice chem tests --interactive periodic table --molar mass calculator --quizzes --flashcards ---calculators/converters --bronsted-lowry page oxidation reduction page chemistry of water organic compound

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Wow ! mitchsmom- what a wealth of info there. Best of luck to you pnurseuwm- you'll get make it.


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I'm sure those websites will be very useful in explaining things differently, which is what I really need.

The option of taking the second half of the course (if I pass the first part) at another college is out of the picture. Those colleges are WAY out of my way. I tried to go to one (which I could only do via highways and such- got very lost going to and from the freakin' university:chuckle but that's another story-) but in winter in Wisconsin, the road's get very icy and the class and lab that fit really good into my schedule were going to be held like 6-9 pm- high times for ice. I don't think I'll chance it.

Any way, more bad/wierd news. I sat down and talked to my chem professor. She told me that there was no way I would pass the final.... which I can understand, I had hopes of busting out an A or high B, but my quizes and exams are all consistently NOT in that category, I must be realistic.

Good news. I'm calm about it. Whether I'm set back a semester or a year, I'm going to be a nurse (one day) no matter what. There are other nursing programs I can go to in Chicago which start next fall and next January (Rush's accelerated program). If I can't apply to Loyola (starting this May) I can STILL apply to some other programs in Chi-town.:D

Thanks for all of your help and encouragement. The repetition of one course is NOT going to stop me in the long run!:cool:

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