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  1. pnurseuwm

    "Training" for Supervisory Role

    Hello all, I have been in nursing for less than a year, then left the nursing profession for a year, now may be interested in coming back. I really have only a few months experience in med/surg. I just had an interview with an LTC that would be interested in "training" me for an RN Supervisory role (I guess because I have "RN" behind my name! ) I don't really feel sure in my skills after so much time off and I'd rather be just a regular "floor" nurse. What, specifically, goes into training a fairly new RN for a supervision role?
  2. pnurseuwm

    Carlisle: Dept. of Public Health

    I was interested in researching nursing jobs in Carlisle, PA through the Pennsylvania Dept. of Public Health. The website seems to be confusing. Specifically I was interested in clinic jobs and working with fairly stable patients. Do any of you know of any of openings? Thanks
  3. pnurseuwm

    Carlisle Regional Medical Center

  4. pnurseuwm

    Carlisle Regional Medical Center

    I've been online lately looking up the Carlisle Regional Medical Center. It's suppose to be newly built hospital. Does anyone here live in Carlisle? Does anyone have any info about this hospital and how the nurses fair (getting respect, nurse/patient ratio, pay, etc)? Thanks:nuke:
  5. I'm something like a medical secretary.
  6. I don't know if any of you remember me from a while back but I was on this forum crying about how I hated nursing.... not even a year into the field.... and how no one would hire me for any other type of job once they found out I was an RN. Well........... I finally found a non-nursing job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I will be doing this during the week, but was wondering if I could do something in nursing like on Sundays...... granted I have less than a year experience as a nurse but is there anything out there? Thanks guys:balloons:
  7. pnurseuwm

    New York City Unit Secretaries/Coordinators

    Thank you for the reply! Does anyone know on average what their hourly salaries are? Can a unit clerk actually make a comfortable living in New York?
  8. Hello, I have been searching New York City hospital websites for unit secretary jobs and I've been having no luck! I'm wondering if I'm calling it the right thing- In Wisconsin they call them "unit coordinators," "health unit coordinators," "unit secretaries." I think some hospitals in Boston call them "operations associates.") They are the people who take off (transcribe) doctors' orders and nursing orders on the units. They answer the telephones, page doctors and nurses. They do the paper (or computer) work when the unit gets admissions and discharges. They are usually sitting behind the front desks of nursing units. Could you tell me the title for this profession in New York City? Are there any hospitals in New York City seeking people for these positions? Thank you very much.
  9. pnurseuwm

    A Good Psych Nursing Book

    Hello all, On the psych ward floors, I know everyone follows the policies and procedure manuals/websites and everything, but in general, do you guys have any opinions on a good psych nursing book? In school we had Stuart/Lauria, but unfortunately I sold it back. Now that I'm interested in purchasing a psych nursing book, I'm wondering should I buy another Stuart/Lauria or do you guys know of a better text?
  10. pnurseuwm

    In Need of Serious Help

    mtngrl- good for you (and your sister)! I hope the real estate works out. jjjoy- at least now I know I'm not crazy, it IS harder to get mall/retail jobs "post-nursing" career RS0302- a month huh? At least you found out sooner than the rest of us. My mother is also going through a "but with nursing you can REALLY support yourself!" phase as well. My mood is becoming a bit more stable. Searched for more mall jobs today and actually have an interview tomorrow! I don't know how to feel. Not to put anyone down or anything, but other applicants for these mall jobs are just so DIFFERENT from me (again no offense because I used to work at a mall in my early college years)- some were younger than me, some were popping bubble gum, some (old and young) had so much lip gloss and make-up on you'd think they were ready for some cover shot in a raunchy men's magazine, but in general they all looked...... happy..... they were actually smiling and I thought to myself, "Can I go back to my early college years at the mall with the big grin and 'Hello, welcome to such-and-such store would you like to try that in an extra large... oh and here are some great earrings to match!'" Do you know what I mean? Now I'm wondering if working on an critical care unit with 2-3 critical patients (as oppose to 6 patients day shift, 11 night shift in med/surg) would be any different for me? Ofcourse it is stressful (like all nursing) but I would have a chance to REALLY get to know the patient. Whatever that unit is I could really hone and specialize my skills according to the type of patients seen. I don't know, what do you all think?
  11. pnurseuwm

    In Need of Serious Help

    Thanks all for your support. Went to a free clinic today and got a month's supply of meds. The whole process was not as bad as I thought it would be. Still in a dire unemployed mess but get mini panic attacks when I think about returning to the hospital floor (pretty much the only option for someone like me with less than 1 year's experience and never completing orientation). Tomorrow I'm going back out on the job hunt,this time to apply for more jobs in the mall. It is true some family members may be surprised/dissapointed in my decision but NONE of them have ever experienced nursing, and if I hear another "but the money is so good in nursing!" argument I think I may scream bloody murder. Any other tips for leaving nursing? Thanks a bunch :wink2:
  12. pnurseuwm

    In Need of Serious Help

    I have posted on this website several times (before, during, and after nursing school). You all have been wonderful with quick and excellent advice. However at this point I must be real.... I HATE NURSING. I have not even been in the field a year yet... have had several jobs and have not finished orientation yet for any of them. As a grad nurse, and as the few weeks of working as a new RN, if I worked 5 days a week I came home crying 4 of those days. I have been treated for depression for the past 6 years... it was controlled before becoming a GN and now it is out of control. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, about nursing that I enjoy... please don't hate me for saying that because it is the truth. I've been on med/surg and surg floors and it is ALL the same... constant running around, getting yelled at by doctors, getting yelled at by patients, no time to eat or use the bathroom, exposure to HIV, smells out of this world... but mostly what bothers me is the constant running around and never having a grip on anything. Nursing was never my choice of a career... indeed I love learning and reading about medical/biological stuff and diseases but as a new nurse THIS was rarely tested, but what WAS tested was how many different directions I could be pulled in without cracking. And I have had several breakdowns... thus what they say, "God will never put on you what you can't take..." is totally false for me, sorry if this offends anyone. To add insult to injury, I started seeking work outside of nursing, something calmer, and low and behold once they find out I WAS working as an RN I'm assaulted with a barage of questions, skeptical looks, and NEVER getting the position. People attack me and say, "With THAT good of a pay check, what was wrong with you?" And I keep telling people that you could be making $200.00/hr but when you're miserable and crying at work and crying at home it is totally not worth it. At this point I can't get a job in any other field (stores in the mall will not even hire me) and I know I must return to the field I despise, a field that gives me grief, that if I know I must work the next day I spend the entire present day dreading tomorrow. I have no job and no health insurance. I don't smile anymore, I don't laugh, I can't carry on a decent conversation... I feel trapped because I have not been able to gain employment in anything. Clinics and doctor's office are also out of reach because they "want 2-5 years of nursing experience" which always means "hospital floor" experience... that which I hate. For those of you who have (or know of someone who has) left nursing to pursue another field, HOW in the world did you do it?
  13. pnurseuwm

    Rapid admission: med/surg floor

    There is a hospital in my area with an opening for "rapid admission: med/surg unit." I don't know what that is and the nurse recruiter has not been returning my calls. Does any know what type of unit this is?
  14. pnurseuwm

    Hematology/Oncology Nursing

    Hello, I'm a fairly new registered nurse (passed boards in May) and have had some months of experience on med-surg floors. Recently some jobs opened up in my area for hematology/oncology RNs. As someone with a very prevalent family history of cancer, I've become interested in applying for some of these positions. I have a few questions. 1) What exactly do hematology/oncology nurses do? 2) Do any of you worry about your own exposure to the anti-cancer medication? 3) How is hematology/oncology nursing different from med/surg? Thank you all for your help.
  15. pnurseuwm

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    Hello, I was a graduate nurse and took my NCLEX for the first time this month. I failed it. I have never been a nurse,s aide (CNA) or a nurse intern/extern, so NOW in order for me to get back up the floor functioning as a semi graduate nurse (my temporary license is now void because I failed the NCLEX so I will be a nurse "intern"- less pay than a grad nurse- but anyway) I have to study for, and take, a CNA exam. Granted, some of the questions in the study pack are easy, but there are like 20 procedures (washing, ambulating, etc) to memorize. In addition to this I'm also studying for the NCLEX- which I reapplied for. I think this is unfair: failing ONE test, now having to take TWO tests because I was not previously a CNA or intern. I feel like giving up on everything. Has anyone ever gone through this before?:angryfire
  16. pnurseuwm

    What's the catch and why is the CRNA position so popular?

    I had a question, sussana, Which NA schools do you know of that want you to take calculus and the MCAT?