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My trip to the ER

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Specializes in ICU; Telephone Triage Nurse.

I'm one of those people who would rather tough out just about anything at home, writhing in misery until it passes, then go to the ER. I once tried to ride out cholelithiasis - insisting it would pass ("Tis just a stomachache! I'll be fine.") before riding to the ER via EMS transport, hollering like I was having my leg sawed off 3 days later. You are reading page 3 of My trip to the ER. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

3ringnursing, BSN

Specializes in ICU; Telephone Triage Nurse.

Here's a kiss for your boo-boo, 3ring:


You are just the sweetest Davey Do!




The offender has been captured, neutered and spent the night in Chez kennel of comfort. He was medicated again, released - cranky, and is probably attempting to spray my perennials currently.


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