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This is not a serious post :) I just realized that althought I talk to some of you nearly every day via one way or another, and you have been hearing about my hair... I would give a link for my new picture that I took yesterday.

For those of you who dont know ... up until wednesday, i was a "bleached blonde" (NO BLONDE REFERENCES!!!) Well, I decided that just for fun, and since this is my 4th and final year, I would try something different just for shock value.

So, here I am... the red head :)

If you want to see the entire website, click on the link at the bottom of this post, and then when you get there, click on Nursing!

Hope this is good for a giggle! I dont even look like myself!


Nice picture, Brandy. Now we can see your face. LOVE the red hair.

Are you ever worried about putting your pic and location on the internet? You know, with all the "crazies" out there and such. Just curious. I know it's all about personal preference and comfort - I wouldn't do it.

red is you!

it makes you look older, unless the other picture is of you when you were younger, oh well.........

never mind, i like the hair! :)

I love the new look Brandy!! I can see your beautiful face!! Red is great color on you.

Brandy, your new look it is nice, I think red looks really nice on you and complements you. Not to say that your old look was not nice. I bet some of your classmates when you start back up classes will be shock. I want to try something different but I do not know what yet. It is going to have to be a diffrent style or have it cut since I have natural jet black hair. I am too chicken to have my hair cut although I think I would love it but I am not sure. Right now my hair is shoulder length and when I have a bad day I can throw it in a ponytail or one of those jaw clip things. If I get it cut the length I want it cut then I will not be able to throw it in a ponytail or the jaw things. I am thinking about getting my hair cut to my upper neck/chin level. I had the same hairstyle for about 5 years now and I am ready for a serious change but I am just so scared. I don't know how I would look. I guess I am going to have to do what my cousin told me to do and go to a wig shop and try on a wig in the length I am thinking about getting my hair cut and see that way.

I LOVE IT BRANDY!!!!!!! Nothing like a total new look to start a new yr. Really fits your bold, truthful outspoken personality:)

Thanks Everyone! My mom is a bit in shock :)

KC Chick, No, I guess I am not too worried about it. I know that there are a lot of crazies out there, (and I have met a lot of them :)) but I guess, since I am ultra careful, and very cautious (off the internet in real life) I just make sure I always have mace, and my cell phone. I dont post my address very often, and other private things I keep that way. My picture, i dont worry about, and because my University posts about everything you could ever want to know about me on their website, I figure, I can blame it on them if anything ever happens :)

Thanks Janice :) Yes, I am pretty "open" with my opinions, but I just try very very hard not to offend anyone (or their degree level). I just have to make sure what i want to say is actually what I type, just so that it has the smallest chance of being taken wrong. Better safe than sorry :)


Looks GREAT!!!!

It is so nice being able to see who your talking to. Thanks for sharing. I bookmarked your website and will check it out later.


I just wanted to say that I like your hair alot! I also have enjoyed reading your posts and replies over the last few months. Good luck with this semester of school Brandy.


I was a blonde (bottle) for 8 years and I saw your post and I had the itch to dye mine too. So as of yesterday I am a medium golden brown and I love it. Thanks for the inspiration. Once again, yours looks great! :D

I like the red too! I usually use Loreal, medium auburn. About 3 weeks ago, I tried a different brand but treated it like my usual. Mistake! When I got done, my hair was bright cherry red!:eek: My friends and I have had a good laugh over my goof-up. I'm using Prell shampoo to strip out some of the color and it seems to be calming down. I'm feeling a bit sheepish since I have to got get my ID made today. From now on, Loreal for me!:p

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