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I went into my Bachelors program with a reasonable expectation of success. It is now week 3 and that expectation is gone. I have roughly calculated the time required to complete all the required reading, the optional readings, the pop quizes, the random class exercises, the required assignments, the study time for covered material, the ever-present essays, etc, etc, etc...

....and have come to the conclusion that I will not be here next semester. Unless days beome 36 hours long. Professors are zero help. More advanced students are zero help.

Rant complete. Thank you, and have a nice day! :-)


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You can't do it all. ..... I can't do it all.... If I were to read all the outside "extra" reading listed for just my patho class, I'd still be reading when I turned 50!! (Literally there are about 20+ artcles for each class session.) I learned the teachers' styles and adapted my study time to the classes - the time before the first round of tests is always (at least to me) the most stressful since you don't know what the professors think is important. After the first round of tests you learn to prioritize. Form study groups or whatever study method works for you - figure out your weak areas and concentrate there. Personally I can't stand study groups - doesn't work for me. But last year I found one person who needed some help and tutored them. I got forced review :) and she got the extra assistance that she needed.

Don't call it quits just yet!! Frankly ... go out with some friends and have some fun tonight or take a bubble bath... RELAX!! You definately won't do your best (and will get sick) if you're stressed to the max. Then try again to talk with your professors if you still feel overwhelmed. Are you brand new at the school? If so, it may take some time to form new friends to call upon for help ... this usually resolves after the first test and everyone realizes they're in the same boat!!


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I've been a student a long time (never really stopped going to school). Here's my strategy, worked well for me...Take good notes. Don't miss class. Skim reading material in advance if possible; if not, read areas you didn't understand/didn't get after lecture. Join or start a study group.

It's easy to get frustrated (plus it's fun to rant!! :)

Trust me -- you can do this!

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I think that having all that work is part of how they try to weed people out. I have been feeling overwhelmed for weeks, and last night I decided a lot of it was my own fault for wasting time when I could/should be working on something for school. But I can't/won't do school stuff all the time--I have 3 kids.

Anyway, I laxed off on the reading big time. I am skimming at best. I have been asking the teachers "will your test questions come from the book or from the lectures" and almost all of them say "from the lectures" I pay attention in class and ask questions. If I still don't get it, maybe I'll read that section.

The busy work--I quit beating myself up over it. It seems like the things I work the most on I make the worst grades on.

I also look online for resources--and I start ahead whenever possible. If I feel myself getting behind I tend to panic and then I get nothing done at all.

Most important (someone else told me this!) GET YOUR REST!

Those things that take you 3 hours when you are tired may only take you an hour when you are rested. It works for me sometimes to go to bed early--like 8:30 when the kids are in bed--and then get up early--like 3 or 4, so I can study when everyone else is asleep.



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DON'T GIVE UP!!!!! No matter how frustrated and discouraged you are right now you can still succeed in nursing school. One of the most frustrating things about nursing school is the huge volume of busy work. The only way to handle it is to prioritize, and spend most of your time on things that you feel are important, and deal with the rest as best you can.

memphispanda is right- be sure to get enough rest, or you will be so tired that school will be even more difficult.

The paperwork will get easier-- believe it or not pretty soon you will be able to whip out those essays in no time.

Just hang in there and deal with things one day at a time. When you make it through the program it will have all been worth it, even though it may not seem that way right now!

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I agree with the rabbit........take great notes. I used to tape my lectures as well that way I could be in bed, in the tub or doing dishes and studying. I am working on my masters now, work a full time job, have five kids and I could go on and on..........hang in there. Take everything in smaller was hard but well worth the effort.........

email me if you want to chat or need a buddy who has "suffered" though it to encourage you,

[email protected]



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another idea: had two teachers who gave hints during lecture. they would emphasize test items by knocking on the podium and stamping their feet a couple of times. helped people figure out where to prioritize. and these were hard classes (pharm and pathophys). ask. all they can say is no.

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Boy, was I in your shoes.

But like everone else has said, your professors are trying to weed people out who really don't have the drive or desire to be a nurse. It takes a really special person to be a nurse, it isn't a job everyone can do.

If you really want to do this, don't let them force you out. If anything, forget about earning all A's, I gave up my stright A's when I enterd my program, to continue that in my program would have been suicide as I am sure it is for all the others reading this message. I had doubts but have made it to my final year and couldn't see my self doing anything else but nursing, it is wqell worth the work. Along the way you learn what the BS in BSN stands for too :D

But really, I hope you don't let all the crap push you away from nursing if it is your calling, good luck to you!


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Hello All,

Ok, after making it to 3rd year in a 3 year program I share the frustration the original poster feels. But one thing I have learned for sure is that the college/university does not weed people out. The students themselves do the weeding. The reason they overload you with material especially in the first year is to teach you 2 valuable skills you will need as an RN.

These are:

1. time management - how to effectively study and use your time wisely. this is not an easy skill to learn but it is necessary.

2. prioritizing the information/workload you are presented with. - I agree with the some of the other posters about taking good notes, not skipping class and using a study group if required. think about the chances of something from the additional reading material actually being on the test and if it is how much weight will it have. My priority has always been to pass and not worry about my GPA. this may seem like an obivous goal, but you would be suprized at the number of people who didn't use it or completely forgot it.




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Oh my God I felt the same way but with a little perserverence you will get there, well I'm one to talk I haven't even completed it yet!! But will do good luck



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I am now a junior in a Bachelor's Degree program. I changed my strategy a little this year and it really helped me.

I record EVERY lecture (our lectures are three hours long). I then go home, take it easy, play with my dog, play on the computer etc. Then I take the recordings and literally listen to them again. I type my lecture notes from that recording. I do not take notes in class but listen instead.

When I am writing my lecture notes, I am doing this on the computer. Since I cannot type as fast as someone talks, I have to rewind frequently which just reinforces what was said. Yes, it takes time, but it is well worth it.

Hope this helps.


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Everyone gets discouraged, but that doesn't mean you can't make it. Just look at some of the other people who have completed the program! Even if you're just average you'll pass.

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