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My NCLEX Story, Please read to be inspired!

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I took the NCLEX RN for the first time back in June 2011, had 148 questions, and left feeling really good about the test. Only to come home and do the PVT and get the CC page. That was the single-most terrible feeling I have EVER felt in my life! Because all of my friends, family, and co-workers knew that I would be taking the test that weekend. Then having to tell EVERYONE that you failed left me feeling even more devastated than I already was feeling. So I took a few months off from studying to re-compose myself and get back up on my feet and muster up the courage to try again. So I rescheduled my exam for January 7th, 2012 back in early November '11. Then I found out on December 30th 2011 that my fiance and I were expecting our first child together. So that increased my anxiety even more! I HAD to pass this time! Failure was just simply NOT an option at that point.

So I buckled down and studied like I had never studied before, took roughly around 1,000-1,500 practice questions (with detailed rationales), and reviewed all the pertinent lab values. I also sharpened up my dosage calc formulas and conversions. When I sat for the test, I had lots of SATA's, but mostly questions like "a nurse is planning a teaching conference on (insert specific topic or disease process), what information would be appropriate to include regarding the topic. Only had one math question, thank God! I also had a lot of medication questions, which most of them I had never heard of, but was able to somewhat identify what class of drug they were by focusing on the suffixes (olol, sartan, pril). I got to question 75 and carefully read and answered the questions and hoped/prayed that the test would shut off. I hit next and saw question 76 pop up, and immediately my heart sunk. I know they tell us not to go into the test expecting the minimum amount of questions, but rather to plan having the maximum amount. But I still think we all go in hoping to knock it out of the park and shut it down at 75 lol. So I took a deep breath, asked the Lord to continue to help me and give me His peace and favor, and kept on going. I reached and answered my 98th question, and then the blue screen popped up and I was finished! I can't say that I felt either really bad or really good about how it went at that point. So of course, as soon as I got in my car I just had to try the Pearson Vue "trick". I am a firm believer in the trick because it worked when I passed the NCLEX-PN, as well as when I failed my first attempt at the NCLEX-RN. Sure enough when I got to the point where you hit next to go the payment screen, that GLORIOUS, BEAUTIFUL, AWE-INSPIRING little tan box popped up saying, " Our records indicate that you have previously scheduled this exam. Contact your member board for further assistance". At that very moment, I felt ALL of the weight I had been carrying around for the last 8 months immediately lift off of my chest, and was consumed with overwhelming joy and relief! All of my hard work, and endless hours of school/preparation had finally paid off. So thank you for taking time to read the story of my NCLEX experience, and I hope that it inspires someone out there that's considering throwing in the towel d/t past failure to NEVER GIVE UP. Pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and get back in the fight! You CAN and WILL be successful! Just remember, there is no such thing as a failure who keeps on trying! Best of luck to all, and God bless! :)


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Oh my goodness, CONGRATULATIONS:yelclap: and esp to expecting your first child!!!! What a wonderful way to bring in the new year. Your story has definitely inspired me. I will be retaking the NCLEX-RN in two weeks. This is will be my second attempt. Not to steal from your parade of happiness, but what would you recommend for those going in on the 2nd attempt. I have been utilizing Kaplan on Demand and the LaCharity book mostly.

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Congratulations on many fronts!!!!! Way to go! :)

WOW! I got goose bumps reading your story! First off, congrats on battling the beast of all tests!!!! No words can say how proud I am of all those who go into that testing room, look that computer in the eye(so to speak!) and conquer it, whether it be the 1st, 2nd or as I have read on this site, 5th and 6th times! I havent taken my own NCLEX yet. I have one more semester to go of nursing school and Lord willing, I will be able to slay my own computer screen in July. LOL! Secondly, congrats to you and your partner on the pregnancy news. Good luck in all that you do. It was truly a blessing to read your story tonight. Save lives and God bless! :saint:

Congrats to you!!! Yes, very inspiring...Thank you for sharing!:w00t:

:yelclap: CONGRATULATIONS!! :yelclap:

Thank you everyone so much for such awesome support and positive encouragement! This website truly is a Godsend to those who are already nurses, and even to our up & coming nurses. It has given me comfort on many occasions to come here and read forum after forum of such loving, caring people and the stories they share! God bless all of you who do what you do to help others along this road!

I read the Kaplan RN NCLEX preparation book, which was quite helpful. It really put things into perspective as far as how to figure out exactly what the question was REALLY asking, and how to block out unnecessary background info within the questions, and to be able to narrow in on the right answer. But I'll tell you what helped me prepare more than anything else, hands-down. It was an app that I downloaded for my android phone, off of the Android Market. It is called ATI RN Mobile Mentor. It consists of about 1,000 different practice questions, and these questions were VERY similar to the questions I just had on my NCLEX. Almost eerily similar lol! The questions cover all of the different areas of questions that are on the NCLEX, even has SATA, Hot Spot q's, fill-in-the-blank, and exhibit style q's! The app costs $19.99, and IMHO it was worth 10 times that amount! And since it's on your phone, you can bust out practice questions anytime, anywhere! It was THE key study tool that took this 2nd time NCLEX RN taker to success! Well of course God, and then the ATI app lol, cuz without His peace over me when I sat in front of that computer on test day, I would have frozen up and not been able to recall anything! So be sure you have the King of Kings with you every step of the way, and you do your part of preparing and just trust the Lord to honor you and take care of the rest! I really hope this helps you! Please keep in touch and keep me posted on how things go for you :)


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Congratulations and all the best wishes to you and your expanding family. I too took my NCLEX on Saturday and even though I did get the "good" error message when I went on the site the wait is killing me. That ATI app was also a big help to me because you can do questions anytime or anywhere.


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Congratulations on passing the test and to the upcoming addition to your family!!

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Congrats :)

Congrats on passing and your bundle of joy coming soon. Thanks for sharing your story.

That's great news!!! CongratsI also found the Saunders RN app on my iPhone helpful. The reason I chose it over ATI was I already had access to ATI through my school. Te Saunders app had about 1000 questions as well with rationales. I just took my NCLEX RN friday with 75 questions and the "good" popup! :) now I just have to wait it out. Good luck to everyone out there!


I have to say though, you young ones are sorely missing out on the good ol' days of sitting two-day nclex exams in a giant hall with 150 of your closest friends. Ahhhh. Good times. We played pool and drank beer at the hotel the night before day two. :)

Great story, congrats to you! :w00t:


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Has anybody ever done the PVT and recieved this pop up message "Our records indicate that you have previously scheduled this exam. Contact your member board for further assistance," and failed? I took the NCLEX PN test this morning and the computer shut off at 85 questions, I literally wanted to cry right then and there because I felt like I did not know any of the questions and that I had to guess on most of them. I also had a lot of drug questions, what should the nurse include in the seminar questions, and only ONE math question. I was hoping to get more questions to give me more of a chance? Even though I know it doesn't even work that way. So when I got home i started doing some research and found out about the PVT and I got the above error message! I am really hoping this trick works BUT I am affraid to get my hopes up! Anybody know the accuracy of this? Congrats to everyone who has already passed their exams, I hope to be starting out the new year right also! :)