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Blessedone1 has 3 years experience.

I am a 21 year old female and I am a senior in college,

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  1. Blessedone1

    Oh pleaeaasse, Flexcare

    This whole issue doesn't have a clear cut black and white answer. Just had another recruiter call me before and yet again, had no idea this was an issue or that having a tax home or lack of means no tax stipends. Was trying to tell me a permanent address is same as a tax home. Needless to say she said she would get back to me shortly once she ask around...To me from everything i have read, it doesn't seem like I quality to have a tax home..
  2. Blessedone1

    Oh pleaeaasse, Flexcare

    Update on what I learned from travel tax expert. If you don't own a home or contribute anything to that tax home ie rent utilities etc. That is not considered your tax home. In my case I do not have a tax home. But a permanent residence. I could be eligible for tax free stipends if I began to pay my parents rent based on market value per square foot based on the area I reside in. Or if I wanted to do travel nursing still I would have to have taxes taken out of everything. So this drastically impacts my future of travel nursing and moving forward..Though they said it is a low risk of being audited because lots of people do it. I however, don't want to put myself in a situation where I could find myself being audited. Plus I want to do things the correct and fair way.
  3. Blessedone1

    Oh pleaeaasse, Flexcare

    Yes I definitely will. Interesting that I talked with 2 recruiters today. One of which I was referred to by a long time travel nurse and he said he couldn't advise me on any tax information (understandable) but on the flip side he was in such a rush to ask me about submitting me and trying to low ball me at 12/hr plus a large tax free stipend. So he is definitely off my list, despite how long he said he said he had been a recruiter. The second recruiter said, she never had been asked those questions and she really didn't know the answer regarding how tax free home and stipends actually are affected. I just thought it was very interesting how these recruiters were so focused on submission of applications and thinking I was just going to rush into making a decision.
  4. Blessedone1

    Oh pleaeaasse, Flexcare

    Okay to just to clarify. By me living with parents, i have never lived on my own, I do not pay any rent or bills on the house. My only bills are my student loans and my car note. Is this considered my tax home? Or just claiming this as my place of residence. Would I still be eligible for tax free stipends. I have an appt to talk with someone from travel tax tomorrow. So those questions will be asked.
  5. Blessedone1

    Oh pleaeaasse, Flexcare

    Yes thank you NED RN, I did read upon that "I should start paying rent." I just want to make sure I am well informed and making sound judgement before i jump into looking at pay packages and being submitted. I definitely do not want to have any tax issues or "cheat the system" in any means. I sent the travel tax.com company an email to follow up on my questions. But you have pointed out more information to me. I don't want to leave my present facility which I have no problems with and end up getting myself into "trouble or debt" come tax season.
  6. Blessedone1

    Oh pleaeaasse, Flexcare

    Thank you for that information NedRN. I have done more research today. Ironically I received a call from one of the agencies that was mentioned by you. And received even more valid information from a recruiter. Prior companies I talked with didn't mention exclusively how tax free stipends really work. I still live with parents and don't pay any rent or bills. So the way it was explained was that I should not take any tax free stipends/housing if I am not paying anything on or to a tax home. So I will be halting my search of travel nursing until I read more on traveltax.com
  7. Blessedone1

    Oh pleaeaasse, Flexcare

    Understandable. I mostly went with that company due to highway hypodermics ratings. But I now do realize and have been reading many posts from blogs, your post, other forums etc. However, being my first time, do you have at least a couple reputable ones that are great for first timers then. I have read and read blogs and everyone seems to have their experience good/bad with above listed companies. I want to make a valid and informed decision just as everyone would. I know this topic has been reiterated 1000s of times all over this blogs.
  8. Blessedone1

    Oh pleaeaasse, Flexcare

    I was also received the same amount from Flexcare. The location was in Dallas and Houston, TX for a telemetry nights position. Between them and two other companies I talked with, that pay package was comparable. I've been submitted by one company already (Aya). However, still deciphering between companies. "I would be a first time traveler"
  9. Blessedone1

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    Hello all, Just an update. My first assignment will be in September, hopefully in the Maryland/DC area with Aya healthcare. Any advice? I'm 24 yrs old and it would be my first real experience living on my own. Is there anyone else heading to that area?
  10. Blessedone1

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    Is anyone using Aya? I'm from the east coast, think I want to try out Texas or GA and eventually make it to Cali. I told my recruiter to get back with me in February. Think I may travel for a year, then apply to grad schools.
  11. Blessedone1

    Any young african american travel nurses?

    Hello ladies! I've been debating on travel nursing vs going back to school for masters. I'm 23 and will have 2 years tele/med-surg experience in July. I think its time for me to venture off. I still live with my parents, I'm single and I work in the same hospital that I was born in. Think its time for me to leave the nest. But anyways, I'm looking to possibly start this summer or spring. I've only been in contact with one recruiter for about a year and he is constantly emailing and calling me to see if I'm still interested. I think I've finally made up my mind to start. Are there any first timers looking to start this summer? Does anyone have any advice.
  12. I passed my NCLEX-RN 2 weeks ago and will be talking with a recruiter next week. I anticipate graduating May 2013. I am debating between the navy and air force reserves or going active. I know this question has been answered numerous times. But what would be some advice as I talk to the recruiter. I am 21 years old and this is the first "grown up" thing I am doing, well my dad will be coming with me. But I don't want to look like a baby or come off as a "little kid bringing their parents into all of my life changes. "
  13. Blessedone1

    80 Questions and its offical!!!

    I took and conquered NCLEX-RN with 80 questions I believe. Once I got to question 75 I looked at the # and realized it didnt turn shut off at 75. Got myself together and keep going. Then 5 minutes later it shut off. So I'm assuming it was at question 80. Anyways all that matters is that I can officially say I'm a Registered Nurse and I see my name on the BON!!!!!
  14. Blessedone1

    A little more help on passing NCLEX

    Did Kaplan's questions seem similar to NCLEX? I have the Kaplan on Demand and have 82% of qbank left to complete and I test next weekend.
  15. Blessedone1

    My NCLEX Story, Please read to be inspired!

    Oh my goodness, CONGRATULATIONS:yelclap: and esp to expecting your first child!!!! What a wonderful way to bring in the new year. Your story has definitely inspired me. I will be retaking the NCLEX-RN in two weeks. This is will be my second attempt. Not to steal from your parade of happiness, but what would you recommend for those going in on the 2nd attempt. I have been utilizing Kaplan on Demand and the LaCharity book mostly.
  16. Blessedone1

    Kaplan Scores so far, NCLEX end of the month

    Tanyanchlls: What score was the 53% in? Have you completed all of the QT or the readiness test? Don't feel defeated by the score, just keep up with reviewing the rationales.

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