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I am 22 years old and soon to be a mother of two in November. I've known only for a few years now that I very much want to go to nursing school.

I married a Canadian 3 years ago and am just now filing my permanent residency papers here. I have to be a permanent resident for a year before I can apply to the 4 year BScN program at UWO. I'm starting to feel like I won't be accepted, I won't be able to get the financial aid, arrange childcare, and that this just isn't doable.

I would love to hear from people that have been in a similar situation and succeeded. I think I need some encouragement -- I'm starting to get down about not ever achieving my dream. :o Thanks for listening! :)


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Congratulations on the baby(or is it babies?)!

I don't know how financial aid works in Canada but you should at least give it a shot. Also, is you husband supportive of this? If he is that will help a lot. I am sure this will take a lot of work but if you really want this, you can do it. I am doing it with three kids in tow. Worst case sceniero, You try it and decide you might need to wait until the kids are older. I wish you the best!


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I think if you have the motivation and support it is possible.

I'm 21 with an 18 month old daughter and have started full time Nursing at Uni this year. I'm in Australia, so I'm not sure what your program would be like over there.

This semester I've been able to fit all my lectures/pracs/tutorials into Tuesday/Wed/Thurs, so my daughter is in daycare Tues & Thurs and my mum looks after her on Wed. Some nights I get home and just want to give up- when I've been studying all day, have assignments due, the house is a mess and my daughter is teething or sick etc it is TOUGH!

I think the thing I've come to accept, is that when I'm at home with her, and she is awake, she comes first. I enjoy every moment I've got with her, and that keeps her happy. If I try to pull one of my books out while she is playing, she knows straight away and demands more attention. So instead of getting frustrated about it, and in turn her getting frustrated too, I now wait until she's happy, fed & in bed to get my work done!

And so far it seems to be going well. My partner is also living interstate for work at the moment so we only see him every second weekend.

I think if your husband supports your decision to study you will do fine! Good luck!

Is that 2 babies your expecting in November? Or you have one already???


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I realize that was worded funny in my post! I have an almost 2 and a half year old daughter and just one on the way. ;) My husband is VERY supportive, but I fear he doesn't really know what all of this would mean. He tends to think things will be easier than they are. He says no problem about financial aid and "We'll work it all out" when it comes to childcare and everything else.

I found another topic similar in General Nursing Discussion and most of the posts were positive and encouraging. Now, I just worry about actually going to school. What I will have to do to get in (the program is VERY competitive here), will I be able to complete the work, etc. Thanks for all the support! :)

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I have three little ones and I start full time in the fall. I think if you are dedicated, which it sounds like you are, you can do it! We all can!


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I have a little one (two in the summer when my stepdaugher is here.) And I have them in full time daycare. My clinicals and classes are daytime. I go to school and do all of my studying when they are in daycare. After we all get home, it is family time. I don't open books around them. If I need more studying, I get up at 4 am and study then. I guess my advice is to do it that way. I have seen a lot of classmates with their kids in part time daycare so they can spend more time with them but they end up not really spending time with them because they are so busy studying or their grades suffer. I have even seen some drop out because of it. (That was pre-reqs though.)

My dd has been in daycare since she was 6 weeks old though (I worked) so daycare is nothing new to me. I think it is quality not quantity..

HTH.. Good luck with your decision.

Ps. my little one is named Natalie.

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I am also 22, a mother of three, married. I am in the States, and I do not know about Canadian government, but I get a child care subsidy for my children from the county. Because I qualify for the subsidy, I am also (financially) eligible for school assistance (books, uniforms, and tuition). It is very feasible to go to school, especially as a young mother because a lot of programs are allotted monies to assist young mothers (married/unmarried) an avenue for job training. You should look into the programs in your area. Try doing a Google or Altavista for programs. Even without any programs you should be able to do it, because a lot of nurse students are married with children.

That should take care of the financial so you are not in a strain. Then, when your kids are home, it's all about them. What time does your toddler go to bed? My children are bathed and in bed by 8, so I have after that time to study (quietly) plus the afternoon hour and a half before I pick them up from daycare.

It will all work out if you are dedicated and motivated.

I will keep you in my prayers. Best of luck and keep us updated! :coollook:


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You can do can do can do it....I know this because I am going to do it...I'm a 31 yr. old wife and mother to 4 children...2 dd's (9 3/4 & 8) and 2 son's (3 and 16 mths.) It's not going to be easy, but what in life is easy....if it's easy than something is You can do anything you set your mind to and if being a nurse is what you want to do....than do it...

Good Luck to you,



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I am a 24 year-old single mom to a 6 1/2 year old son. He was 4 when i started nursing school and 4 months when i started college. I am graduating in two weeks. Let me tell you its not easy by any means. Its been a juggling act for me. My son is and was in school when i started nursing school so i had to balance his homework with mine. I have had night clinicals which I have to find care for him....and now we have 12 hour clinical days and its a struggle....but we do it.

Good luck to you see from the other ladies above you can do it!!!!!!



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i am gonna start my nursing clinicals this Fall, and i have 4 kiddos...ages 8, 6, 4, and 12 months old! two older girls are in school, and my clinicals are in the day, so that works out good. I will be bringing my 2 younger kiddos to college childcare with me, and I can apply for a childcare grant thru the college to cover expenses, which my husband and I will probably qualify for, since it is just my husband's income we are living off of until I get thru schol...I also get 100% covered by my Pell grant...we are "middle" income, and still get covered 100% (I'm sure 4 dependants help the situation).......good luck!!


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You can do it! It will be harder for you than traditional college students, but as I have found out, time passes so quickly. I started taking pre-req's 9 years ago! I took the NLN exam for the first time in 1993 - when I "only" had 2 kids. Now I have 4, the youngest turned 8 today (Happy Birthday, Peanut-Ethan! :balloons: ), and I often wonder if I would be a nurse right now if I had put my younger two in daycare instead of being home with them. I wouldn't have missed that time now for the world, but I know if I wanted to, I could have gone nights or weekends after my youngest weaned from nursing.

Best of luck to you! It will all be worth it!

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I waited a long time before I decided to go back. My youngest will be 2 in June. My oldest is 11. I think it is doable. I am only going part time, but that is because it works best for my family. I am scared of all the changes, but also excited. Know that you aren't alone! There are a lot of us in the same boat! :)


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