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Hi everyone.

I work an weekend option program on a med/tele floor and just took a secend contingent job in a local nursing home.

I was just wondering how many fo us are working two jobs, and (if you do work two jobs) do you work the same type of job or completely different?


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It is not uncommon for me to work two jobs at once. One time I worked a full time 12 hour job at the hospital then a full time home health job.



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I work 3 12-hour shifts at one hospital in nursing and another PRN (one day a week) in Radiology Transcription at another hospital.


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A friend of mine works full time at a LTC facility and every other w/e at another. Shes tired allllllll the time.

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For awhile there, my husband was working 3 jobs -- 3 12s a week in the ICU, one or two "dives" a week in the hyperbaric unit of another hospital, and the occaisonal prn shift with the dialysis center. It was nuts! It was before we were married, and his credit cards got out of control after a serious illness that prevented him from working for months. He worked hard to pay everything back and save money for my wedding ring. I'm very proud of him, but I sure wouldn't want to go through that again!

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I work two jobs, full time nights in ccu and i work as a research coordinator at a neurological clinic. I have been trying to quit my second job for about a year now and have never really gotten away. It is certainly not for the pay so i don't know why i stay...

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Fresh out of school, I was working part-time in LTC and part-time in a hospital. I wonder sometimes how I did it, being a newbie, but I managed it for six months and never made any huge mistakes, lucky me (and lucky for my residents/patients...)


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When I first got divorced I work as many as three jobs at a time. I was working everyday, 7 days and or nites a week. I no longer do that, but I do work per diem for two companies. One GI specialty center, and per diem in the hospital. I prefer the per diem GI specialty, but the hospital pays better with the agency.


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I do two 12 hour shifts, 7p-7a every weekend. This covers the benifits.

I also work one 8 hour (3-11 or 11-7) or sometimes a 12(7p -7a) hour shift the Friday before my weekends or the Monday after my weekends through an agency just to keep my income where I want it. This gives me four days off per week.

If I have a particular goal in mind then I concider working more shifts for the agency. This works out better that working OT since the rates are better.


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I am thinking of finding a per diem or part time job. I only have a part time job now and while I can live on it, money is tight. I am having a hard time finding one in this town.


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I have made the switch to LTC and am looking to work part-time med surg. I love med-surg and want to stay current with my skills. I will not work part-time at the hospital I am currently employed at because well- 5 of us left in 2 months-need I say more.


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Raphael, congrats on your new job!

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