MO degeneration.


Does anybody know what is "MO degeneration"?


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Missouri in trouble? :p

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What's the context? Nothing jumps out at me, but maybe if you post what passage you found the term in that would help us infer what it means.


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You were not very polite on your other thread to the person who tried their hardest to give you a suggestion of what it may have stood for. Without the requested context, none of us will be able to give you anything except a guess.


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Comnursesall, we would really like to help you but need some clarification as to the context of these acronyms, abbreviations, or terms that you don't understand. Are you a student and are seeing these things in a clinical setting? Are you a staff nurse or CNA/PCA who is new on the job?

I just did a Google search for the term "Mo degeneration" and found all sorts of hits for MACULAR degeneration and eye groups treating the condition in Missouri (MO).

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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It sounds to me like it may be an unofficial shorthand to mean Multiple Organ Failure. Unfortunately, people may sometimes chart with non standard abbreviations which leave readers wondering what they meant.


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i guess it is "motorneuron degeneration", probably because rn is lazy and write mo to replace motorneuron.

also, maybe it is "multiple organ degeneratoin".

is it right?


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I'm thinking moron ... yep definitely moron.


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Seriously?! How many threads on this nonsense do we need?


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It's when you see something you really like to buy, but they don't take credit cards, and you can't send cash. So you have to get a money order, but you drop it in a puddle.

So: MO degeneration=money order dissolving.

PS I read your previous posts, you weren't very polite to the people trying to help you.