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  1. carrotstix

    Anyone studied Nursing Informatics?

    We had it multiple times during my BSN. There is a master's program at the school and professor was always trying to convince us informatics was the way to go. My school was Case Western Reserve University, but I dont think you can do it entirely online. On another note tonight on a different thread I saw a nurse was resigning from her informatics position and returning to bedside nursing. Perhaps you should connect with her! The thread was called "Just quit my job" and the user was CathyLew
  2. carrotstix

    Isolation Gowns

    Before I got my RN I was a sitter at large hospital. When I first started working we had to wear the blue gowns for EIGHT STRAIGHT HOURS with our contact precaution patients. Often it was a C. Diff case with many incontinence changes, linen replacements, etc. So sweaty, so gross. They passed a policy after about a year that limited us to 4 hours of isolation at a time, which was an improvement but still less than ideal. Despite the sweaty-ness I would think from an administrative point they would be cheaper and at least as effective (perhaps more?) at infection control.
  3. carrotstix

    New Grad NICU Support Thread

    I start orientation a week from Monday and I'm starting to get nervous! And very excited of course!
  4. carrotstix

    Saunders by Silvestri...Good for Nclex practice questions?

    AGREED! I took the NCLEX in early June and had a multitude of study materials. It was actually somewhat overwhelming. Of everything I used, the Kaplan strategy book and the Saunders flashcards were the most helpful.
  5. carrotstix

    New York Presbyterian New Grad Program?

    I graduated in May and was also very interested in this program. The site said May grads apply in June, as soon as June rolls around the position is no longer posted. So I called them and spoke with a recruiter who informed me that they were not running the residency at all this summer. Hopefully things will change for you. Just keep checking the career site, there is a specific posting that will be up if they are accepting applications at that time.

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