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  1. carrotstix

    do RN residency programs really make a difference?

    I dont think my BSN residency program has benefited me at all. The support of your unit and unit specific orientation is FAR more important.
  2. On the whole, I love my job and the vast majority of my coworkers. But that doesn't make for a very interesting thread on AN. I don't need advice on how to manage my job satisfaction. Nursing is not perfect, but it is not "horrible" to me either. It really depends...
  3. carrotstix

    Should I become ACLS or PALS certified?

    I suggest PALS and NRP if those are your preferred specialties. I took PALS without taking ACLS first, just needed current BLS.
  4. carrotstix

    Procedure for NG feeding/meds

    PreemieNurse, this has been my experience in NICU, probably drastically different from adults. If I have more aspirate than will fit in say the 10cc syringe Im using then I disconnect, put the full syringe to the side and use another until I have it all. When I call an advanced practitioner depends on how much the total volume of a feeding is and the color of the aspirate. If it's just a little partially digested formula I give it back, feed on top, and document. Sometimes if the residual is a nasty color we will toss it and feed fresh. Depends very much on the baby.
  5. carrotstix

    We have to COUNT drugs like lisinopril and Claritin

    A count comes up on everything in our pyxis. Generally at 0800 if you pull a multivitamin it will say "183, is this correct"? and you just hit yes because it really doesnt matter at that point. I think it helps them keep track of stocking and what we are low on,
  6. carrotstix

    Additional NICU sub-specialites?

    Also, specialty training for ECMO perfusion.
  7. Enthusiasm, willingness to learn...
  8. carrotstix

    Do you bag your bodies naked?

    The last baby I did post mortem on got swaddled in a blanket and wore a hat (she had a congenital defect) The family kissed her goodbye and I held her until the paperwork was ready for her to go to the morgue. We have little infant caskets that are plastic and have a printed cloth lining that is lace around the edges. There is a little pillow all built in. Before you put the top on she looked as though she was sleeping in a little basinette and I firmly believe that is how it should be for a precious baby. But I thought I was weird because I didnt feel comfortable leaving her body by itself after she had passed. I felt like I had to be with it, to protect it. Which made it so awful to leave her in the morgue
  9. carrotstix

    Looking for a resource on natural childbirth...

    Check this out, it is a doctor who is dedicated to doing exactly as you say, maintaining the natural childbirth in the hospital environment. Hope it helps! http://www.homebirthinthehospital.com/
  10. carrotstix

    Liquid Glycerin Administration in Neonates

    We have slivers
  11. carrotstix

    Social sorority and nursing school.

    I didn't read through all of these posts (because there are way too many!) but I was so surprised to see many people saying that nursing students are not usually in social sororities. In my program I would say at least half of my class was greek, including myself. I will say though, I cant think of anyone in any of the sororities in my school who had a child. That is truly unique.
  12. carrotstix

    Risks & Benefits of Hospital Birth vs. Birthing Center

    I am very pro midwifery, Baby Catcher is one of my favorite books. However, I was concerned the other day when I stumbled across a certain video on youtube. It was a homebirth VBAC of twins. As a NICU nurse the thought gave me chills. Apparently this woman had traveled out of state to find a midwife (not a CNM) to do this with her. Luckily her outcome was positive but that just sounded so risky to me!
  13. carrotstix

    Do you have volunteers on your unit and what do they do

    We have a few volunteers, they hold and cuddle babies who need some extra attention.
  14. carrotstix

    Is NICU for the soft-hearted sensitive types?

    After my first baby coded, I cried heavily, I was truly emotionally crushed but my coworkers hugged me and gave me support. There are so many beautiful success stories to help balance your life. There is no feeling like seeing an infant who fought for their life go home in their carseat with their parents. If you have a passion for babies and helping families through hard times I think you should try it. Its not easy to transition back in to and you'll never know if you don't experience it for yourself!! I love my job.
  15. carrotstix

    How many....

    I think we are the same exact person!!!