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  1. Suethestudent

    Drip help STAT!!

    Why do you think this is the wrong answer? BTW I advice you to always use units when giving pt weights...
  2. Suethestudent

    What do you think of Clinical Nurse Leaders (CNL)?

    I have never worked alongside a qualified CNL but we have had one on our unit that was a student. He was COMPLETELY clueless, had a BS in some admin type role and when asked to put in a foley he soiled his pants and fled the room claiming that he " had done that loads of times and someone else needed to do it" . It was so clear to everyone that he had absolutely no idea what to do, but more worryingly he had no interest in trying to learn the skill.
  3. Suethestudent

    to email or not to email my instructor about my grade...

    Wow... you need to learn accountability. There is no room for 'negotiation' in a well run program. Why should you get to earn 2 points over any other pupil? Oh and for what it's worth ... if you are begging for charity to pass AP then you will be eaten alive by any decent nursing course.
  4. I would have shouted out "I'm in here for a vaginal exam not an auditory screening.... my ears are working very well thank you". One should not feel less of a person because you are temporarily receiving financial help... it was a personal insult and someone needs to take them to task over it. Bunch of nasty witches.
  5. Suethestudent

    offended co worker

    Holy cow- this dude needs an urgent sense of humor transplant.
  6. Suethestudent

    Mom sues and loses after her baby is given to wrong mom and breastfed

    So no one thinks that the fact that HIV is transmitted via breast milk is an issue? The baby ingested bodily fluids that were not screened, so in my opinion it is equivalent to giving someone the wrong blood products that may or may not be safe. I think it was a very serious oversight by the nurse for this reason.
  7. Suethestudent

    What's your favorite shoe for 12 hour shifts?

    Shape ups are awesome for your feet and wreck your knees. Google it if you don't believe me. They are an orthopedic surgeon's retirement fund due to knee hyperextension.
  8. Suethestudent

    Cranial Nerves

  9. Suethestudent

    Edema caused by hypoproteinemia

    Think of proteins as tiny sponges that attract water from outside the blood vessels. If there are less of them (hypoproteinemia) then the extra-vascular water has no reason to move into the blood stream and it builds up causing edema.
  10. Suethestudent


    Just a heads up... I know of no facilities that will allow you to be in a working or student role without a BLS because a family member can turn on a dime and change their POA to state that you HAVE to full code their 98year old uncle who has dementia, CHF, PVD and no QOL because that is what they want.
  11. Suethestudent

    Problems with therapy staff......?????

    As regards interrupting your med pass, I suggest you arm yourself with a nice phrase such as "Evidence based practice has shown that interruptions during a med pass are the primary cause of medication errors so you may consult with me when I have completed my medication duties. I would have expected you to be fully aware of this information" and sail on past her. I would also be suspicious of her 'favorite' classification of this patient as this is both unprofessional and unfair to other patients.Call her on it- "I am growing slightly concerned by your obvious favoritism towards this particular patient. I am wondering if we need to discuss your level of personal involvement with higher management?" She sounds like a bit of a bully and will likely back off when she sees you are not an easy target. The fact that you are new means you can set your professional boundries now, so use it or lose it.
  12. I firstly would change the r/t statement 'lack of insight' because this is a vague statement and open to subjective interpretation. I would assume you are implying that they don't understand the basis/rationale for their treatment, so a better phrase would be knowledge deficit (yes a ND can be a r/t statement). From this you can use education interventions for both patient and family, social worker consults if education level/cognitive abilities/family support situation of pt are sub par. You may also want to explore interventions that explore the pts insurance cover/financial situation as sometimes people refuse treatment as they are afraid of the cost and refusal of drugs can oftenbe related to fear of addiction/dependancy. I hope this gives you something to work from.
  13. Suethestudent

    How I got my (new grad) job...

    Awesome story! Best of luck in your orientation and future career.
  14. Suethestudent

    giving report

    I believe I work with his identical twin... I recommend you grab a tape recorder, tape report and hand it to him on the way out the door. Some people thrive on being obnoxious so don't feed his appetite.
  15. Suethestudent

    cvicu to neuro icu

    Neuro is awfully hard... be very careful you know exactly what you are getting into because it is basically nursing home work for 80%+ of the time. I hope you like lots of HEAVY lifting, bed linen changing and Q4 neuro checks on aphasic, immobile, incontinent pts with families that expect them to walk out the door exactly the way they were. I recommend you shadow before you jump. JMHO and good luck in the decision you make.
  16. Suethestudent

    A New Recruitment Trend?

    A lot of these job posts are just agencies trying to bulk up their books. I think you will find that a lot of the posts are 'bait-and-switch' so they say "RN1s needed for SICU/PACU sign-on bonus etc etc" and then you contact the agency and they will say "Errr yeah that one is gone but we do have a super RN job in this LTC with a patient load of 75 and minimum support staff" Just be wary of ANYTHING on Craigslist... free advertisement often=cheap employer. Good luck in your search. Leverage your personal connections as much as you can to get a foot in the door.

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