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I am recovering from the flu and today i was scheduled for a f/u visit with my doctor at 4:30pm. I went to sleep and woke up many hours later - totally missing the appointment and it was too late to call since the office was closed. This is the first time I have EVER missed a doctors appointment in my life!

My doctor and the office staff have a tendency to make you fell like a criminal when you dont schedule appointments in a timely manner, or if you ask questions that they deem "silly", so I am understandably nervious to how they are going to react when they find out i missed the appointment entirely.

Granted I should have set my clock but thngs happen - I am just venting.

Just concerned about being crucified when I have to expalin myself.

The office manager on a GOOD day rolls her eyes at me, sighs, and has attitude.

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And the question is.........?????????

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Ah so what. A simple sorry suffices. If it doesn't screw them. March on down to your local instore clinic and seek the most excellent care of an NP. You'll get such a complete physical and be well cared for, that you'll never go back to FP.


You're the customer. You pay them, not the other way around. It's not like they are doing you a favor by giving you care. Switch practitioners if this treatment is consistent.


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You shouldn't be treated like this or feel like you have to walk on eggshells every time you go to the doctor. People are human and make mistakes (ie, miss appointments) sometimes. Not to mention, you are paying to see them, so you should not feel bad for asking what they deem a "silly" question. My advice? Time to switch clinics.

Are you nuts? They make you feel stupid and you pay them to do that? Why are you not beating feet to quick, quick get rid of them???!!!!????

As for the missed appointment, just tell the truth. Give one quick apology and then DROP IT.

And, who knows, your body got the rest it desperately needed and you might not even have needed to drag through the cold and sit in the waiting room with other sick people and paid the fee and been told to REST. Well, you already rested, you just saved yourself all the aggravation.

Seriously, though, find an office that is courteous and respectful.

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Sorry you are not feeling well :(

I did this one day, had a frightful headache the night b4, took a stronger pain killer and slept thru my alarm for my shift in the morning! I ended up ringing and saying I can't come in AFTER shift start at 7 am - needless to say, they were not impressed!

If I miss an appointment with my GP/primary care doctor, they charge $65 now, unless you cancel your appointment with about 2 hours or more notice! Well I rung one day and said I've just been called into work, they are really desperate (I was only going to the Dr to get a repeat script for something non-urgent), and they told me I would be charged. I absolutely refused to pay it, citing grounds from social security that if work comes along, you must accept it. They did back down, reluctantly.

Don't worry about it, they won't care but if they try to charge you don't pay it. I wish as a nurse I could charge for patients being rude, or late or for being a PITA!


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I work in a doctors office and if it is not habitual and you apologize it shouldn't be a big deal at all. They may charge you a fee for not showing up without canceling 24 hrs in advance. Just because you missed one appointment doesn't give them the right to be angry with you since no one is perfect.

With that being said there are many many pts that do not show up or call on a regular basis and then they call and demand an appointment that day! We are a specialty office and we do not keep any extra appointments to see walk ins since we do not treat anything urgent and we are booked out for around 3 months. As for asking silly questions, unless they are trained in our specific field, there really are none.

If they persist in being rude I would find somewhere else to go for medical care. Hope you feel better soon.


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Get yourself a new doctor and gain some confidence in yourself YOU ARE THE PAYING CUSTOMER, NOT THEM. THEY EXIST FOR YOU!

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Seen this type of treatment while in waiting rooms awaiting homecare orders to be signed -- not acceptable!

Please seek different provider if possible. Practitioners who permit this type of care are in it most often for $$ and rarely provide good care or have patients best interest at heart.


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I agree with kah5209,YOU are the customer/consumer and you pay him/her for their services. Once you realize this, then you are more empowered over your own care.