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  1. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    Moms of school-age kids

    I'm lucky, my husband doesn't have to be at work until 9, so he drops off, then I get out 15 min. before my son's school, so I can do pick-up. If it didn't work out that way, I would utilize the before and after school care program from the YMCA. Although, it's a lot of money when you would likely only need a few min. before and after. Any friends that could help out?
  2. Personally, I don't think their comments were that bad. It sounds to me they were simply pointing out that it covers pretty much everything. In my experience, hospitals give their employees crappy insurance, and it's possible they were just jealous that these people had everything covered. On the MD refusing to do the exam, I don't think this had anything to do with her insurance, rather a loser doc who didn't want to bother with more complicated patients. What was the CNM supposed to say "I'm sorry, my doctor today is an a** so I will be doing your exam" lying was pretty much her only option. I'm so sorry your friend is in such a tough spot with her unemployment, and I'm sure that's a huge blow to her pride, but it seems she might be a little overly sensitive due to this fact. If they had been making comments about the type of people who use that insurance rather than the insurance itself, I would be upset, but it seems they were simply talking about the plan.
  3. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    Will this effect me?????

    Talk to your doc about getting a referral to a speech-language pathologist. They can work with you on some strategies for overcoming this. Good luck!
  4. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    in a difficult situation with "natural med" friend

    1. She is endangering her daughter's life. 2. She is endangering your license. If, God forbid, something were to happen to this child, and this were to end up in court it would be very easy for her to say "Well I asked Suzy and she's a nurse." Bye bye license. There was a nurse in our area who did not report suspected abuse (medical neglect is abuse) and she faced jail time for it. Just another side to that coin.
  5. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    What subject or subjects would you take out

    Hey, maybe someday you will have a patient who is a musician and you will be able to have an intelligent conversation with him or her! Just try to look at the bright side and how you can practically use the information you are being given.
  6. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    Whose fault is it?

    The instructor is shady, but it was in the syllabus, therefore you are responsible for it.
  7. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    What subject or subjects would you take out

    That's college. That's the way it always has been and always will be. You will have plenty of time to take "worthwhile" classes. Enjoy this time when your brain isn't overloaded, because soon enough you will long for that Intro to Theater class
  8. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa 2011 Fall Hopefuls

    Roll Tide!! :-) Good luck!
  9. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    Do doctors deal with the same stuff?

    So I have gathered the general consensus around here is that nurses have to deal with a lot of crap; namely, management who is more concerned with the bottom line than patient care, understaffing, high patient load, impossible expectations, etc...I was wondering if you have seen physicians having to deal with the same issues? Just curious if this is across the board in patient-care professions.
  10. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    CRNA/DNAP admission

    Have you taken the GRE?
  11. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    Nursing students who do not understand what nursing is about

    I am tempted to defend myself as a second degree "failure to launch" student, but I will refrain. OP, have you sat these students down and had a lecture on what a nurse does? You seem to expect them to automatically know these things. You're the teacher, they are the students. I think this is a classic teaching moment. Do some teaching.
  12. I volunteered in a LTC facility one time (please note ONE TIME). They wanted me to give the LOLs manicures. Okay, that will be fun, mmmhmmm. Well they didn't give me any gloves, but they did give me a bottle of hand sanitizer. I thought this was odd, but thought the lady who does my nails doesn't wear gloves so I guess it's okay. The first one went well, THEN I got to the second one. I didn't know so much stuff could be underneath fingernails. I was literally gagging, and the smell OMG the smell. Luckily my work schedule changed and I couldn't go back, but I couldn't wash my hands enough after that.
  13. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    Costs of random drug screening during nursing school?

    That's weird. I know most places make you pay for the initial test, but I have never heard of having to pay for random drug tests. That doesn't really seem fair. I know some people who have been chosen multiple times for testing when others haven't been chosen at all. Has there been a problem with some of your classmates to instigate this?
  14. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    Everyone's wearing scrubs...is this good?

    I don't know where the idea came from that scrubs are reserved for nurses. At our hospital RNs and LPNs have BIG bright red tags that hang below their nametags. Scrubs are also color coded by dept. Scrubs are an easy way to make everyone look "professional" and uniform, and they are also easy to clean for the multitude of things that can get on you while working in a hospital.
  15. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    Soul searching to further career APRN or MD?

    Just a small correction, a DNP does not equal a PhD in nursing. A DNP is a clinical degree meaning you actually practice in the field. A PhD is a research degree, meaning you do academic work, teaching, published research, etc...Ultimately, getting your MD or DO will likely take six years. There are MANY pre-reqs that are necessary for med school that are not needed for nursing school, but if that's what you want then go for it! (the six years of school for MD/DO is not including residency/specialty fellowship, etc which would likely be an additional six years). Since you already have a BSN, becoming an APRN would be two/three years depending on specialty and the program you choose, and when you graduate you are immediately able to work, whereas if you went the MD/DO route you would still have a lot of trainig after your schooling is finished. Good luck!
  16. Mrs. Sparkle Pants

    my drug-seeking nurse patient

    Gosh, I just can't imagine what kind of miserable life a person must lead to do these kinds of things.