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  1. RoyalPrince

    Anyone travelled at Daly City, CA?

    I am seriously considering an offer at Daly City, CA - it is close to San Fran and has good commute options like BART and buses. The rent seems STEEP! even with stipend a studio apartment can cost upwards $2000+ compared to my current staff salary I will actually be making less.. but I am doing it for the experience // always wanting to live in CA and weather all year around (NO MORE SNOW) Has anyone travelled in Daly City? Any tips tricks - FYI I dont do room shares on CL
  2. RoyalPrince

    Travel Case Manager

    Hi I am looking to do same but haven't found what I am looking for..lets chat if you're still looking!
  3. RoyalPrince

    Master's Degree

    Hey I have seen specific colleges actually offer a specialization MSN in Case Management so check those out!
  4. RoyalPrince

    Adrenal Fatigue.. so THAT'S what's wrong with me!

    Please be cautious about this unproven unscientific un-diagnosis. The supplements to "cure" this problem actually cause liver failure..
  5. Less than 3.. most of the time 3.2/3.3 turn into 3.8s the next day after dinner
  6. RoyalPrince

    Hospital Case Manager!

    You will get orientation! Basically Interqual and Milliman are both programs to categorize patients admission necessity vs level of care.. as a Case Manager in a hospital you are basically planning everyone's exit out the door once in! Its fun and challenging.
  7. RoyalPrince

    Thank You Notes to Patients?

    I concur; We as nurses should stand up AGAINST generalizing healthcare as just another branch of consumerism/retail - customer service is all the FAD right now, nurses just keep getting downgraded from professionals to HCAP improving front-line staff
  8. RoyalPrince

    Georgetown FNP June 2013 cohort

    Hey guys, GWU also starting in June FNP part time.. please keep updating!
  9. RoyalPrince

    2013 GWU FNP Program

    Does GWU find you a NP preceptor?
  10. RoyalPrince

    New grad/new job

    Short answer is No.. its really common sense. But I understand on your part you needed a job, any job.. the LTC on the other part, needed a warm body... that is until the regulators come a-knocking.
  11. RoyalPrince


    If you work Med-Surg why does the director recommend ENPC?
  12. RoyalPrince

    Bumex Drip Medication Error

    Yes - but we need labs.. how much was the Na? K? Mg?
  13. RoyalPrince

    IV Rocephin Question

    the keyword is "more" - PICC
  14. RoyalPrince

    If you could ask your CNO one question....

    Why did you take away the med carts? What were you drinking at the time?
  15. RoyalPrince

    Can this nurse be saved?

    You used another nurse's initials on MAR? I am sorry thats forgery on a legal medical document. There are no excuses. you could have caused THAT nurse in a trouble as well with your actions that you did not foreshadow.
  16. RoyalPrince

    NG tube irrigation

    I use sterile water.. only because its available.. why not?