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i have been actively looking for job and doing hh nursing till i get a position in hospital . my neigbor (RN) brags about her new HH agency and that she was the DON.she hands me her business card...she lives in same building as me and parked in same parking lot...thank god for the internet....I looked up her name on line and found out that she has a suspended nursing license x2 accounts and has not paid her income taxes since 2004....i know RNs cant open million dollar business and hand out business cards telling people they are NURSES and will "train me to HH nursing"....almost all RNS born in philippines in my area own home health agencies..there are about 300 in my state...some have good and bad reputations so i go on line first....my rn license is my bread and butter and i am just trying to be watchful...:bowingpur:bowingpur:bowingpurneeded to vent...


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report her to the board of nursing! only an rn with an active license can legally use the title. legally, she is practicing without a license and impersonating a rn. even if she doesn't have patient contact. be glad you checked her out. you always have to protect the license you worked so hard for.

here hh agencies are checked out pretty carefully. apparently not the case where you are. i always check out prospective employers carefully, sometimes they're not legit and often they are bankrupt or verging on bankruptcy.

there are good agencies to work for. also, you might try ltc or sub-acute care while waiting for the job you want. the pay is generally good and you can get reliable scheduling. also, today's ltc's have more acutely ill patients than in the old days. you will be more actively getting med-surg experience there. you will meet nurses who are doing that pt and have hospital jobs who may be good contacts. you will also have more people to use as references. just a thought. good luck in your quest to find the right job for you. it makes all the difference.

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Please report her to your BON. In some states, it is actually required that if a nurse knows of another nurse who is breaking the law, she must report it.

I would make a copy of the business card and mail it to the BON with your report, You can report anonymously.


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this nurse impersonator talks about how she earned "145.000 dollars in a year doing home health "and that she has a "1.2 million dollar house in california." she parks her luxury car beside me and hands her calling cards to the old homebound disabled tenants in my building and advertising about her hh agency and giving out her BSN RN business card. according to the BON...she got her licensed in 1969 and currently has suspended license in 2004 onwards. for tax evasion..i am bothered and concerned about the old ladies her that she has coned about her hh business and i know for a fact her suspended license on the dept of professional regulation license check website. :uhoh3::no::confused:

thanks guys for your advice...i have to protect the safety of the people because this is so immoral....thank GOD for allnurses...:yeah::yeah::nurse:


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thanks guys for your advice...i have to protect the safety of the people because this is so immoral....thank GOD for allnurses...:yeah::yeah::nurse:

You are absolutely right. What if she is having patient contact? What if LPN's and CNA's think they are legally working under her supervision? People could be harmed or killed. :madface: Wonder if she ever had a BSN? Those were really uncommon back in '69. Maybe the Dept of Revenue and the IRS would be interested in where she parks her luxury car and owns her luxury home. Tax problems don't just disappear. Maybe she's not even who she says she is and stole soembody's identity. Hooray for you for doing the right thing to protect the public and your profession. :yeah::yeah:


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In addition to reporting her to the BON, the IRS may be very interested in her activity. Here's a form that you can fill out and you would get a percentage (tax free) reward so maybe you can get a nice car, too. http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f3949a.pdf


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Just to echo others...report her.

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conditions of participation for medicare/medicaid certified home health agencies require that administrative and nursing staff have active license:

administrator, home health agency. a person who:

(a) is a licensed physician; or

(b) is a registered nurse; or

© has training and experience in health service administration and

at least 1 year of supervisory or administrative experience in home

health care or related health programs.

registered nurse (rn). a graduate of an approved school of

professional nursing, who is licensed as a registered nurse by the state

in which practicing.


fla has had rampart home health agency abuse along with parts of texas to point medicare/medicaid is requiring all agencies to resubmit applications licensure. see fla changes:

office of inspector general (oig) is place to file complaints. report fraud

fla :how to file a complaint

complaints may be filed by anyone who observes, is aware of, or receives a complaint from any source allgeing medicaid fraud or abuse. anyone may also file a complaint alleging agency employee misconduct, or violations of agency policies, procedures, rules or laws.

anyone with information on health care fraud, waste or abuse may also call the hhs-oig hotline, 1-800-hhs-tips

home health care fraud and abuse

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I am sooooo glad you are going to do the right thing and report her. The situation you wrote about has weighed on my mind since I first read it.


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she visits patients, trains staff lpn,rns ,nurse aides, pt to hh policy and procedure in her agency also she visits patients....per dept of professional regulation report she got her original license in 08/25/1969 and disciplined and suspended twice in 2003 and 2005...the reason for action was failure to file and pay our state income taxes..

she wants to "train me" and apply in her agency and i said no thank you.....she tells me with her hh experience , was able to buy luxury cars once every x2 years..she parks her car right by me in the building complex where i live and brags all about her son in law who is a "lawyer"and all about her HH BUSINESS.:nono:

i would like to file an anonymous complaint and not be in trouble right?...i told my other rn friends about my concern and he just smiled and look away... I really dont have any peace of mind since i know of her background bec i pretty much see her almost every morning with her nursing uniform and she justs blah blah blah to all the disabled seniors in our building and of course always asks all the seniors in our buidling "what kind of insurance you have...is it medicare?...then she talks about her hh agency that she owns and blah blah blah and the latest training she is giving to her hh rn staff...:uhoh21::uhoh21:

thanks all nurses for this support bec none of my friends who are rn seem to care.....:bowingpur:bowingpur


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You haven't said what state you are in. All states have similar laws to the FLA ones stated above. You can report anonymously in all states if you wish. Please do it for your own peaceof mind and the safety of those she preys on!!!!

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