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  1. Aviationurse

    (Remember) Walking In the Sand

    Thank so much for this friendly reminder.....life is so short....i love your articles
  2. Aviationurse

    How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

    Thanks for such a great review....I have interview in two days and am a nervous rack.....just tired of being unemployed x 5 weeks and so discouraged.....anxious....sad...angry...depressed...this article have given me some ponters and given me some upliftment
  3. I passed the DOT URINE SPECIMEN COLLECTION TRAINING course...RA RA RA....HEP HEP HOORAY X3 i just need x5 tasks more to go to be certified DOT SCREENER.... This is hard to do bec i am only agency nurse there in the clinic working with the airline crew.... Anybody work as occupational nurse for the airline personnel and any advice you can give greatly appreciated....
  4. Aviationurse

    What is your Hospice paying for mileage

    I do homehealth and our gas prices are almost 5 dollars a gallon...the hh agencies wont pay for gas just 50 dollars to visit a patient using fllat rate......55 to open a case and drive 21 miles one way:eek:in a very bad gangshooting neigborhood...plus we have to pay for 2 dollar parking with paperwork up to the ceiling at my own pocket.....on top of that use our own phone with no reimbursment...
  5. Aviationurse

    Chicago salary requirements RN returning to profession?

    welcom....i think most LTC just pay whatever they feel like..it doesnt matter experience or certification....it would just me straight pay....
  6. Aviationurse

    subacute dialysis nursing

    is it safe for x 1 nurse to x9 ventilator patients in nursing home....? i did dialysis in both acute and hemo x 11 years ago...did PD nursing x 3 months and quit after my 90 day probation because of the unsafe work conditions and unsupportive nurse manager... an offer was made to me for 32/hour in this position with one rn and two techs...pls give your advice and help:eek:
  7. Aviationurse

    one step nearer my grave

    as today i is my BIRTHDAY and i turned 48...THANKS ALL NURSES for everything... After two and a half weeks of no job and broke as hell..i was able to get an interview on MONDAY from a staffing agency and start work today ON MY BIRTHDAY....it is only part time three times a week but better than nothing....i quit my other job after they lied and gave my a crappy 90 day eval....the unemployment denied my application for benefits... i am just so happy after our KILLER BLIZZARD...BELOW FREEZING TEMPS... and endless nights of no sleep worrying about my next bill that GOD answered my prayers....
  8. Aviationurse


    thanks..hope you have a great time at Nashville....I am enjoying my home study and doing my paper tests....i am a member of AALNC in my state and most of the Lncc are not in any way interested with the CLNC...thanks for the reply
  9. Aviationurse

    Happy St. Patricks Day

    i love irish soda bread and irish pumpkin bread ....had one last saturday watched a lot of irish dancing at the irish cultural center too.....it was so nice...
  10. Aviationurse

    Happy St. Patricks Day

    to everyone...going to work with my green scrubs tonight.... Gigi
  11. Aviationurse


    Hello. Anybody going to the CLNC conference in Nashville? Wanted to go but conference too expensive. I plan to renew via homestudy. Any feedbacks appreciated...
  12. Aviationurse

    lowwwwwwwwwww agency pay

    3 weeks of no agency pay/assignments now...applied everywhere ..i am just sooooo glad i have a part time job in psych unit working nights long commute from me..hey ..keeps food on the table..( earning 31/hr no shift/weekend diff either) 1. applied other agency ...process is slow 2. my home health agencies got nothing for me 3. applied everywhere..still no calls 4. old nurse here with tons of psych experience and killer resume, taking job 10 bucks less than what i was earning long time ago....more of a new grad pay 5. still the saddest christmas i have in the 16 years of my career...at least thankful i have a pulse and sound mind thanks everyone for your kind response
  13. Aviationurse

    lowwwwwwwwwww agency pay

    i made a post on this in the general discussion on JOB OFFER WITHOUT PAY DOCUMENTATION...and got a load of response..i declined the offer after advice from my all nurses friends and boy the GQ dude who is the nourse recruiter with a health degree and not a nurse was sooooooo mad... allnurses saved my life....big time...i would easily have beem conned by if i did not did a quick search here.... your response made me laugh..i know it is 230 am now... thanks kindly
  14. Aviationurse

    job offer with no written pay documentation

    my specialty is psych/detox x11 years and here in my state..I guess they just throw away resumes with just mostly psych experience although i did LTC and home health ...but i dont want to go back to LTC...too much elderly abuse and violations..the list just goes on and on.. I go home vomiting coffee ground emesis from the stress..no help ...etc....want to transfer to other specialties..applied at clinics/hospitals...HR not returning calls....GOD HELP ME... well i am gonna be working PT nights next week...at least it is better than nothing ...as long as i still have a pulse and my health good..i will keep on trying.... thanks so much for your help...
  15. Aviationurse

    job offer with no written pay documentation

    hi callioter..i read your posts from previous thread...it sure did save my ass from working there.....ALL GQ dudes there ....but i have to pay bills and cant depend on their 1. lies....lies....lies....bs and no documentation and no nurse in the office...i dont think so... i got a part time job in the gero psych next week...at least it will get me at the foot of the door... thanks callioter...