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  1. State lpn programs to be closed...... Please protest

    The state of CT only has to make "painful budget decisions" because it refuses to institute tax reforms that would have the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share. CT is the richest state in the nation. It laso has the largest gap between rich...
  2. State lpn programs to be closed...... Please protest

    I doubt this is in any way temporary. The state has made life more & more difficult for LPN's over the years. Since the state currently has an overabundance of RN's, it is a step to jb security for THEM. It wouldn't be AS bad if they were just pu...
  3. new grad RNs.... let Gov Rell know we are STARVING!

    Try LTC, Sub-acute, Rehab, Dialysis, Home care and develomental disabilities (formerly DMR) - they are all still hiring in various areas of the state. Maybe the days are gone for awhile for fresh out of school nurses to get hospital jobs without expe...
  4. State lpn programs to be closed...... Please protest

    I recall in the news a couple months ago that CT received federal stimulus money to support nursing education. I suspected then it would probably not go to supporting education for those who are really the backbone of nursing - LPN's and ADN's. I hav...
  5. LPN Student worried about LPN job market

    You should worry first about completing school which you say you haven't even started! What difference does it make who is hiring now? Agencies generally do not hire new grads. The agency market for LPN's is pretty bad right now anyways. Except for d...
  6. LPN Student worried about LPN job market

    There is still an excellent job market for LPN's in Worcester County. Like mot places, no hospital jobs usually available. LTC and sub-acute are still hiring. Yes, you do have to apply inperson usually. They don't want to waste their time either! Als...
  7. In need of some advice/guidance!

    That seems to be about average tuition. There are schools chargeing three times that. I think CNA classes can help if done before nursing school because you already have some idea of how to interact with patients before you start. Usually after you c...
  8. what to do? CNA or LVN?

    I see the pros and cons to each situation. But, do keep in mind that besides the physical demands of being a CNA, which are often the same for hospital LPN's, that it can be hard to work in a job below your normal scope of practice without accidental...
  9. Can a LPN be a school Nurse

    In my area, LPN's can be "substitute" nurses under the oversight of the district RN or can be working in a school that has an RN also. Some of our city high schools use NP"s and then it makes sense that the other nurse(s) could be LPN's. A lot depend...
  10. I'm being reported to the state over a joke...

    This all sounds far-fetched for a complaint that will actually get you in trouble. But, just an FYI, the nurses station is considered a patient care area, not private. Private is the nurses break room or lounge with the door closed. The exception (an...
  11. Why didn't I know this?

    On the night shift, if a report comes in with any communicable disease, err on the side of caution and put them on precautions. In most facilities, either the Infection Control Nurse, DON or the Medical Director have the final say on who is and isn't...
  12. LPN starting pay $26.50!

    My area, CT, the per-diem pay is around $30 and regular pay with benefits is around $24 an hour. But, the cost of living is extremely high here. This is for nursing homes. Not many hospitals hire LPN's here.
  13. what do you have to do when you give thorazine?

    It would probably be orthostatic BP's, lying, sitting and standing, before and after. Although check that patient swallowed it is highly important. It may indeed be the answer, if it was a choice.
  14. Prior Authorization for Advanced Imaging(MRI, CT,PET)

    It really depends on what insurer, in my experience.
  15. RN in Long-Term Care

    Actually, LPN's can NEVER delegate to RN's. It may seem that one when the LPN is charge nurse (or in many places they can be supervisors) but legally an RN is always responsible for her own practice. The "delegating" in LTC is by the DON who has set ...