a miracle!!!!


I just found out 2hrs ago that I passed!!!

OMG, I still can't believe that pearson says "status: PASS"

I called pearson because I couldn't believe it!!! OMG!!!

I AM AN RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wuuu hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:balloons:

I was for sure I failed, I felt like I guessed the whole test and I made it!!!


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congrats to you new rn!!!!!!!

my exam is tomorrow at 3pm. please keep me in your prayers.


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:yelclap::yelclap::yelclap: congrats rn!!!!!!!!:balloons::balloons:


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:lol2: iwillbanrn:balloons:

congratulations to you!!!

give thanks to god!!!



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hip hip horrayy iwillbanrn!!!!!:balloons:

i can't wait till i can experience the feeling of seeing the word pass!!! soon very soon!!!

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Congratulations!!! Keep up the good work..... Good luck in your career. :balloons::balloons:

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It's been a couple of weeks since I passed. And it feels so great! I will start a new job in an orthopedic/medsurg unit at a peds hospital.

Out of 45 people in my class that graduated, everyone that has gone so far only one person failed (my friend at 265!), which that is pretty good. And I know the person that failed did not put enough effort. I would tell them to go to the kaplan center with me to study, but they always had things to do or even made up things to do like "ooh I need to go shopping, I am having lunch with cindy, or I am having lunch with sarah..."

Passing this NCLEX-RN takes a lot of work! wether you take kaplan (like me) or some other review class that are out there, you definitely need to put in 150% effort into doing everything that comes with the program, take advantage of all that comes with, you paid so much money for that, make it worth it.


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u are amazing, since u said u took a guess for the test, but i believe u do have a good basic level for nursing skills, cong~

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