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Can someone please help me to understand why a nursing student would not want to attend his/her pinning ceremony. :uhoh3:

I just don't understand. My friend and I are about to complete our nursing program in about 6 weeks. She keeps telling me that she may not attend our pinning. I did not jump down her throat or anything I was just curious as to why she felt this way. Apparently she has not gotten along with one of the instructors and does not want to go. But why would she let an instructor cause her from not going ? She has been through so much to get to this point now. She failed the first semester in nursing school and had to wait a year to get back in... after all that she still doesn't want to attend. She knows how beautiful they are, her mom is a nurse and she's been to her moms. IDK apparently some people aren't exicited about pinnings anymore.

Me, I'm totally different. Every time the thought of me walking across that stage to get pinned gets me teary eyed. I've dreamed of the day of my pinning for so long now and I can't wait to experience the day. I can't wait to wear my all white with my cap and site my natingale pledge. :nurse: (sigh)

For those of you that did not or will not attend your pinning ceremony, I just have one question: Why ?

Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me.

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2 reasons.

A) My instructors sucked. I graduated second in my class, but they were nothing even approaching supportive. The opposite in fact although they would pretend to be sympathetic. The biggest problem? They disagreed with eachother on how to do care plans. So if you did what one wanted the other made you redo it and on and on..... Never wanted to see them again (keep in mind I was an adult in my late 20's who had many years of medical experience under my belt and knew how to be professional).

B) Graduated in Winter. Took boards. Started work. Graduation was in summer and i was already busy and involved in my new life. had moved on........

I'll be graduating this fall (have 3 more classes to complete) from a nursing school that I have thoroughly enjoyed. All of my teachers have been exceptional. I still do not plan to attend the pinning or graduation. I view the whole thing as a bit too grandiose and ostentatious. In addition, I am shy to some degree. I might be persuaded if I graduate summa cum laude, which I have a very good chance of being awarded - simply because it's something somewhat meaningful and out of the ordinary. I love my school, graduation is just not really who I am.

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I went to neither the graduation nor the pinning. I had three good, compassionate nursing teachers.

As for the rest, they were disrespectful, unprofessional, theiving and lacking in compassion for students as well as patients. I taught myself nursing and graduated in spite of them. I did not go because they did not earn the right to pin nor to pass me.

The majority of my teachers have inspired me to be a better nurse only through negative example.

If I had not been a speaker at graduation I would have tried to not be there. I cannot stand all the pomp. I paid to be in school and did well for me. To those that feel it is important, thats awsome. Go and enjoy it. More people then you think, would rather not be at these things. And if we do not go, we do not feel we missed anything.

I skipped High School graduation. When I got my first degree, I skipped that also. These things are just not enjoyable to me.

On a side note, I understand its tradition, but I had trouble saying the pledge. I don't belive in god, so swearing to a god was odd to me. I also met many nurses in my training who do not even come close to holding those promises. It felt hypocritical to go thru it. But I did it anyway for those around me.

When I was about to graduate, I kept bugging my friends for more than a month about my reluctance to attend the graduation ceremony, which I eventually did. It wasn't the best day of my life though :(

It all depends on the person and the circumstances. Good luck :)

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I did not go to my pinning ceremony because I was given a trip to Hawaii on the same date, had soo much fun going. My particular class was not very cohesive as a group so no love lost there. I, too, also felt like it was job training so nothing sentimental to me. I also did not go to my BSN nor M.Ed. The BSN was at a very large university that would take 2 or more hours just to get folks in order, to sit in the hot sun, to be with strangers?! My masters was out of state and I was working so money talks and pays the tuition. I did go the the general graduation ceremony for the ADN and really liked that. Nurses wore white caps and gowns and could easily be seen in the sea of black. I had graduated in December and had passed my boards and was an RN at the ceremony where the others (who were strangers from the June graduating class) were not. That felt special, plus it was a much smaller ceremony, less crowd issues. It is a job, with some good and bad moments. I care about people but I also respect folks' right to be who and what they are as patients.

If one instructor is keeping you from attending graduation, that is ridiculous. It won't matter after that one day of graduation because the instructor isn't going to follow the graduate to whatever job they may go to and monitor each and every move...No more clinicals! This is one day to shine..letting one person get in the way isn't worth it. :nono:

For me, I wasn't going to attend for other reasons...I was continuing my education that same fall and knew I had 2 more graduations (bachelor's and grad)- I just felt like this was such a small accomplishment compared to what lies ahead. But everyone is definitely different!

Our pinning ceremony in my opinion was nothing special. We actually shared out ceremony with the rest of the graduates from health science college (HIA, OTA, Community Health). The rest of the people (not associated with nursing) didn't understand why were dressed in white uniforms and marched with our lighted candles. The class that I just graduated with was also not very cohesive so it wouldn't have been a big loss if I didn't choose to attend. I did it to prove to myself that I did make a huge accomplishment of going back to school and finishing a dream I've had for many years.

BTW, I didn't attend the commencement b/c I already had a BA and I didn't feel the need of asking my family to attend another ceremony especially when I knew that I wouldn't get my degree until I finished passing this God forsaken HESI exam.

Not sure what religon if any but some religons shun rewards and/or all pridfull events.

An LDS friend of mine makes hugh donations to charities with no name attached. I mean thousands.

He also has never attended any graduation event and he has a PHD. He is not shy, he just says it is his contribution to his personal humility.

I am not this way but I do respect his right to choose !

I find the whole thing a bit old fashioned. We aren't the same profession as when this started. My school's ceremony was all with the white candles and so on. It was not that different from my cousins ceremony for becoming a nun. We are pros and I prefer a professional ceremony and not an overly emotional one. Perhaps they should be more like med school graduations.

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I almost didn't go to mine. But that was because I had a baby 3 days before. I had contacted some of my classmates the morning of the pinning ceremony (it was in the evening) and told them I hope they had a good time but I just didn't feel up to coming having just come home from the hospital the day before and having a newborn to take care of. Then I spent the rest of the day feeling sad about not being able to go. About 2 hours before it started, I decided that if I felt so sad about missing it, then I needed to go. I didn't really think I cared about going or not until I decided not to go.

I did not attend the general graduation ceremony for the whole college, though. Nursing was a second degree for me and i had already went through a graduation ceremony for high school and my bachelors degree

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Some people don't like to be in the spotlight, pure and simple. I've gone to MY graduations only because of family pressure, nothing more. When I got my LPN, pinning was during graduation, thank goodness I didn't have to go and deal with those instructors a SECOND time!! When I got my RN, I went to pinning but not to graduation. Who wants to go and sit around waiting for your name to be called when you are in your mid-40's? NOT ME!!! I did promise my family that I would walk WHEN I got my BSN, wonder how long I can procrastinate? :D

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