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  1. kynurse08

    Disclose FNP school during interview?

    I am interviewing for a RN coordinator management position and I am not sure if I should disclose that I'm attending FNP school or even worry about it. I am only taking one class each semester until the fall. The job will be m-f office hours. I don't start clinical until next fall (2017) so I'm not sure whether it is worth mentioning. It would be a dream to stay with the same office when I graduate so this job would be an open door. Is this something to share this early? How would you share and it not affect the chance of getting the job? If I compare working 3 12's to this, it seems more doable. Thamks in advance.
  2. kynurse08

    Company Advance Med?

    Has anyone had any experience with Advance Med, LLC for travel nursing? I got a phone call for opportunities since I applied for a FL license. Any opinions or experience would be great! I'd hate to be screwed
  3. I am a RN of 6 years with a MSN/MBA...I moved here to be with my boyfriend who is a physician in the military. I am not able to benefit yet from being married and "preference" hiring through the military. I have experience in the past with medical surgical, LTC, management. I have applied for 30-40 jobs with Sentara, Bon Secours, Naval Medical Center..NO phone calls yet. I have applied all over the area (Norfolk, VA Beach, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk)...I need help or advice, I am getting frustrated. I was hoping to get on at the Naval Medical Center but I am not sure what the right route will be...Please help.
  4. kynurse08

    A REAL Nurse

    Most nurses can afford Gucci btw..it's what you want to spend your $ on..name brands don't make the person anyways so why make a big deal of it? It's discouraging to hear about many that think that after you get into management, you lose touch with reality. I am working on my MSN/MBA and I plan to have an executive type role one day. I was in the trenches and I am currently in a position where I still can communicate with residents and fight for LTC resident's rights. I've encountered many management nurses who have lost all compassion for their workers and have no idea what we go through on the floor. It sucks that they give management a bad reputation. I left the bedside for many reasons, one I couldn't say I liked my job anymore...I may go back to bedside nursing but it would be in a different facility. I don't think a degree defines how good of a nurse you are. The nurse's ultimate role is to take care of a human life and be the advocate for the patient.
  5. kynurse08

    Any Registered Nurses that are state surveyors???

    I also work as a state surveyor and enjoy it so far..I went from acute care hospital setting to a LTC surveyor. I travel quite a bit and am away from home 2-3 days per week. I cannot trade however the benefits and different type of stress that I encounter in this job compared to what I previously was doing. It's rewarding in a different type of way!
  6. kynurse08

    Nurse consultant/Inspector for state?

    Thank you for your reply. I applied for a position for a county 1 hr away from home. Is that the county I would have office days in? I am not married nor do I have kids but would enjoy a different change of pace and to get my foot in the door to a maybe better opportunity.
  7. I recently have applied for a State inspector position with my current state. I am finishing up my BSN and will have 12 credit hours to take, all online if I wish. Is this going to be feasible? I know I will be traveling around the state but will I have time to finish up the semester with half-decent grades? Has anyone been in my shoes or been a nurse state inspector? Any opinions or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
  8. kynurse08

    Do you bring your laptop to class/lecture?

    I used to write down all the notes but because the teachers talked so fast, I missed half of what they said..especially what may or may not be on a certain test! I am using my laptop for a statistics course and I am able to type as fast as they speak..this may different for others but I find it easier to correct my words without having to cross off others and highlight on my document without making a mess! I am a computer nerd though.
  9. kynurse08

    Mind Boggling - Not going to graduation?

    If one instructor is keeping you from attending graduation, that is ridiculous. It won't matter after that one day of graduation because the instructor isn't going to follow the graduate to whatever job they may go to and monitor each and every move...No more clinicals! This is one day to shine..letting one person get in the way isn't worth it. For me, I wasn't going to attend for other reasons...I was continuing my education that same fall and knew I had 2 more graduations (bachelor's and grad)- I just felt like this was such a small accomplishment compared to what lies ahead. But everyone is definitely different!
  10. kynurse08

    I'm sick of taking care of people who don't care

    Firestarter, You have said what was exactly on my mind in the past month. I know I probably haven't been a nurse as long as you (only been 9 months), but I feel the exact same. I feel already burnt out. I have a compassion for working with others. I just don't know if this is for me..I work in a great unit (telemetry), great staffing, and "okay" co-workers..I just feel like I could be elsewhere..but I have always been told to try a different route..but is nursing for me? I've just turned 21 so I have time to change..but Firestarter, thank you for this post. I randomly went to my email and saw this post. It has been an issue heavy on my heart.
  11. kynurse08

    Is this manageable?

    I'm starting work at a hospital working on a Med-Surg Unit working 7p-7a, 2 days a week..Friday and Sunday. My classes are on Tuesday and Thursday..half-days. Is this manageable? I have had an interview lately for a day-shift full-time, every other weekend.. What sounds more manageable? I'm more concerned about my sleep cycle so I lean towards day shift..but I'll be working during the week most likely... Any advice would be great..I'm in the Post-RN BSN program..I'm wanting to get into the MSN program badly after this program.
  12. kynurse08

    In Difficult Position!

    So I have had trouble finding a job where I am at and i finally had the interview that scored me a job..night-shift, part-time..well, I was okay with it but I am currently in a Post-RN BSN option program..so I do go to school during the week..So I accepted it for now.. Well I just got a call from another hospital, the one I had wanted a job with (they only had night-shift full-time open) and they offered me an interview for full-time day shift..which is what I want. I just accepted the job with this hospital a week ago..I like the facility but night shift isn't going to work...It would but I would be hurting and maybe suffering with my grades.. What do i do and how do I tell this hospital if I do decide to accept the offer?
  13. kynurse08

    Any New Grads finding it hard to find a job here in KY?

    I'm in the Bowling Green area..I have had a terrible time finding a job. I am a brand new RN, with 1 month exp. and 1 year CNA experience..I am starting to worry. I just moved here Saturday but I have been looking since April. I am limited with working because I will be going to school for my bachelor's..and all that's open is night shift..I want to go to grad school. Grades are important to me...I'm almost tempted to just work at a random place. I'm very frustrated.
  14. kynurse08

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    Found out I just passed..:) So happy.
  15. kynurse08

    June 2008 NCLEX support group

    I really hope you're right..Do you think you can find out over the weekend? (I don't care to pay to find out)
  16. kynurse08

    Just took NCLEX-RN

    Took my nclex this morning...had 76, not 75 questions..hope all goes well. My stomach is killing me.