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Can someone please help me to understand why a nursing student would not want to attend his/her pinning ceremony. :uhoh3:

I just don't understand. My friend and I are about to complete our nursing program in about 6 weeks. She keeps telling me that she may not attend our pinning. I did not jump down her throat or anything I was just curious as to why she felt this way. Apparently she has not gotten along with one of the instructors and does not want to go. But why would she let an instructor cause her from not going ? She has been through so much to get to this point now. She failed the first semester in nursing school and had to wait a year to get back in... after all that she still doesn't want to attend. She knows how beautiful they are, her mom is a nurse and she's been to her moms. IDK apparently some people aren't exicited about pinnings anymore.

Me, I'm totally different. Every time the thought of me walking across that stage to get pinned gets me teary eyed. I've dreamed of the day of my pinning for so long now and I can't wait to experience the day. I can't wait to wear my all white with my cap and site my natingale pledge. :nurse: (sigh)

For those of you that did not or will not attend your pinning ceremony, I just have one question: Why ?

Thanks in advance for clearing this up for me.

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I just attended a high school graduation last night, and I thought it was ridiculously boring. University graduations are not much different -- except you have hundreds more students. I was proud of the graduate, but I think a private celebration would be a lot more meaningful and enjoyable. I did not attend my own high school graduation for this matter. I graduated early, did not know my class, and did not think high school was a big deal. I breezed through it with honors. I am not the type to enjoy ceremonies. We had a scholarship ceremony and that made me extremely uncomfortable, even for a brief minute I was up there. At the end of the day when I hold my diploma in my hand, that is more than enough satisfaction for me. I will be proud of myself as being the first college graduate in my family, but I still feel like attending graduation is a waste of time. Our pinning is also a separate ceremony. Sigh.

I've already ****** off my family by telling them I won't attend my graduation. Graduation is in the spring, I finish in the fall, and I see no appeal in hanging in a hot, black outfit in the Texas summer for several hours 6 months after finishing classes. I didn't want to go to my high school graduation either, but my parents forced me since I was still living with them. I still think going was a waste of time.

I might go to pinning. I probably won't, because I'm not one of those "nursing is a calling" people. I am going to school to obtain career training. I'm in my late 20s so school isn't my first exciting experience away from home, it is nothing more than a means to an end.

Skipping graduation or getting pinned doesn't equal handing in a blank resume. I'm still getting a BSN, so who cares if I spent $$$ to get pinned/wear a cap and gown/etc?

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I'm not a 'nursing is a calling' person either, but I will go to my pinning. If nothing else, it won't be as interminably long as a graduation. That aside, I do enjoy getting to know my class and going to the pinning would mean something special to me. But for those who don't care, I don't see why they should have to go.

Mines in 2 wks and I've decided not to go for several reasons 1) Since leaving the army yrs ago, I've struggled with PTSD and serious anxiety issues-and everytime I let myself think about dealing with the ceremony/crowds etc-it's just been way too overwhelming 2) for the most part, I don't feel particularly close to anyone in my class-and I want to celebrate this milestone with those that have helped me get through this-which doesn't include anyone in my class 3) I'm in my mid 30's, and I've had my share of award ceremonies, and quite frankly they just don't matter as much as they did when I was younger.

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I only went to my ADN ceremony. The only folks that were RNs were the instructors and myself since I graduated in December and then passed my boards in the spring. I went to the June graduation with june grads. No one in my December class was there. They had a private pinning ceremony in December but I chose the Hawaii vacation that had been planned months earlier before this ceremony came about.

All that said, who actually wears their pins to work? How important is all this vs getting your actual license so you can work? I did not go to my BSN graduation because I hate the crowds, the parking issues, the usual summer heat in my part of the US. I did not really care to go. I also did not attend my M.Ed. I still have all my degrees on paper hanging on the wall of my home. The only thing of importance may be your transcripts which are the main proof of your degree. I am still happy with my career path and working, this is what is important to me.

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